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Zuma & Jesse:

 Zombie Tribe:

 Zoester (2006):
This is the first personal coin for cacher Zoester - she is caching with the skeeters... but lovin every minute of it! This hard enamel coin is 1.5" in a satin nickel finish. The total mint is 250. Trackable with Icon

Zodiac (2006/2007):

Zion Nationalpark (2007):

 Zephyr01 (2006):

Zero Milestone Benchmark (2009):
Located not far from the Southside of the Whitehouse and in the northern portion of the Ellipse is the Zero Milestone Benchmark. Sadly most people don't pay attention to the monument since they are more interested in taking photos of the Whitehouse. However, this monument has some of the most significant history in America.

Dedicated on June 4th, 1923, the Zero Milestone Benchmark was the point that all roads are measured from in the United States. Its purpose is similar to a same monument the Romans used when creating a road system to connect all of their territories. The Romans understood that without good roads, economical transportation is not possible.

The front of the coin is of the bronze compass rose design that rests on top of the granite stone monument. The backside of the coin has the names of the two convoy missions which started from the monument and traversed the U.S. to publicize the Good Roads Movement.

Zentralschweizer (2009):

Yosemite National Park Stamp (2007):

Yorkshire Dales National Park(2006):

Yorkshire (2006):

York County PA Geocachers Society (2006):

Yetibratle (2007):
The event was held in the beautiful countryside just outside of Bern, Switzerland. The coin features an image of the elusive Yeti (abominable snowman) and his foot tracks.

Measures 1.75" diameter
Translucent imitation hard enamel colors
Polished nickel

Yemon Yime (2008):

Fresh from the orchards, these long awaited trackable YemonYime v2 geocoins are one ripe design from the artist YemonYime! With calligraphic flourishes, and juicy translucents, this coin features a unique shape, and his signature mantra of "Citrus Ridiculus". With a broadsword piercing a majestic "Flying Yime", this geocoin dares you to make a stop at the tattoo parlor. Rivets stamp the edge of the coin representing the steel industry of his hometown Pittsburgh. Now is your chance to finally add an elusive Yime to your collection!

You can view his profile at

Measures 2" length
Hard enamel colors
2-D multi-leveling

Year of the Tiger (2010):

The Year of the Tiger coin celebrates the Metal Tiger of 2010 (running from February 14 to February 2, 2011). Since the type of Tiger this year is metal, the actual Tiger image in the center is represented in the base plating of the coin. Specific metals associated with the tiger are gold and silver, accounting for two of the RE platings, with the copper plating being the "odd tiger out". The Chinese characters on the front of the coin are the heavenly stem and earthly branch of this year's tiger: the /geng/ (evening star) and the /yin/ (tiger).
The tiger is adapted from a photo by HKCpedia (a photographer who has contributed work to Wikipedia Commons*, from which the photograph was sourced) and depicts the tiger sculpture from a Chinese Zodiac statue series in Hong Kong's Kowloon Walled City Park in China. The tiger watches over an ammo can against a backdrop of five lucky geocoins. Five is one of the luckier numbers in the Chinese lucky/unlucky number system, associated with the five elements (wood, water, fire, metal and earth) and thus tying geocaching into a global, holistic activity, and implying that geocaching is a "kingly" pursuit (as the number 5 is also historically linked with the Emperor of China). The front of the coin is rounded out with tiger stripes in the outer background.

As per Wikipedia (link:, persons born in a Tiger year are "Unpredictable, rebellious, colorful, powerful, passionate, daring, impulsive, vigorous, stimulating, sincere, affectionate, humanitarian, generous. Can be restless, reckless, impatient, quick-tempered, obstinate, selfish, aggressive, unpredictable." Accordingly, the back of the coin features the Chinese character for "Dare", and in the spirit of daring exhorts the cacher to "discover...explore...pursue". The pattern behind the "dare" character is an extremely stylized version of a star, representing this year's heavenly stem, and bears an extremely passing resemblance to a tiger's face and its stripes.

Year of the Ox (2008):

Coin Name: Year of the Ox
Size: 1.75" or 45mm
Editions: gold, silver, copper and AE (two-tone)
Designed By: Jackalgirl
Artwork By: Jackalgirl
Produced By: Atwell Family
Special Features: 3D Ox, multiple layers
Trackable: (with 250 sold)
Description: The coin is done in gold with red enamel - red and gold are considered very lucky colors in China, especially red, which is associated with blood (and therefore, life). The front side features a frame held up by four butterflies. In ancient Chinese maps, south was placed at the top, where the hole is located. At the bottom is the symbol for "north", and to the left and right, respectively, are "east" and "west". Eight Chinese flower motifs fill in the compass under the enamel: 2009 is an "Earth Ox" year, and the flowers symbolize the earth. Under the ox -- the new year's symbol -- there are thirteen coins, a lucky number and one included for safety on the hunt (as well as success in finding geocoins). The back features a classic version of the Chinese symbol for "eternity" and lucky clouds as a recessed design under the transparent red enamel.

 Year of the Pig (2007):

Yakima Valley Museum (2009):
The Yakima Valley Museum promotes an understanding of Central Washington history as it affects the lives of contemporary citizens. Through the collection, preservation, and exhibition of historic artifacts as well as related programming, the museum provides residents and visitors with historical perspectives that may influence decisions about the future of the Valley.

The front of thgeocoin features a design based on one of the neon signs in the collection. The reverse side of the geocoin shows the Yakima Valley Museum rabbit logo

Yaahl's Feather:

XSNRG Pictures (2008):
Minted to promote the official video
Coin Sponsor =
Number Minted = 300
Bronze: 300 LE
track at


Wyoming (2007):

The Wykenwizard in the UK introduces his newest coin that is trackable with icon. If you're an avid collector of the Wykenwizard coins you won't want to miss out on this one!

The Antique Silver imitation hard enamel coin measures 1.5" and there are 150 coins available for purchase.

WWFM V (2009):
Ribbons of color to shape a globe, a compass rose flashing with glow-in-the-dark lightning bolts, a sparkly rhinestone "bling" in the center - all of this and more is found in the official WWFM V Geocoin, available for a limited time.

The concept of the Geocaching World Wide Flash Mob, created by Sonny and Sandy of the PodCacher Podcast ( is simple: dozens if not hundreds of geocachers briefly gather for an event, all on the same day. At a precise time they come together, have a group meal (chocolate kisses), take a group photo, maybe do something silly and then disperse, vanishing with the wind. Typically the whole thing happens in a flash, in 15 minutes or less!

On May 2nd, the 5th WWFM will happen all around the world - and this is only the second time that a WWFM Geocoin has been created. Perfect for event giveaways, volunteer thank-you's, to send traveling the globe or to keep as a special memento. Get yours today, they'll be gone in a Flash!!!

Measures 1.75" diam
Hard enamel colors
Glowing colors on the backside
A gem stone set in the middle
Trackable on
An icon unique to this coin will show on your profile when you log a discovery

WWFM III (2008):
The concept of the Geocaching World Wide Flash Mob, created by Sonny and Sandy of the PodCacher Podcast ( is simple: dozens if not hundreds of geocachers briefly come together for an event on 10 May 2008, all on the same day, all around the world at numerious locations. At a precise time they come together, have a group meal (chocolate kisses), take a group photo, maybe do something silly and then disperse, vanishing with the wind. Typically the whole thing happens in a flash, in 15 minutes or less!  The WWFM III GeoCoin was created to commemorate this world wide geocaching event. The coin represents the old school wild days you might remember from the 60s and 70s, and the cool stuff people would wear when they got together to hang. Flashy colors all over the place, this is totally psychedelic man! The lightning bolts even glow in the dark. Then there is the big gold chain, two-tone platings, and best of all, it is studded with 32 gemstones. Just groovy baby!

1.75" diameter
Imitation hard enamel colors and a translucent color
32 sparkling gem stones
Trackable on
An icon specific to this coin will show on your profile when you log a find
You can retrieve the activation codes from

The back side is the same color as the front, and the same design as my Look Twice Coins
(and Chris Rake's Nomads) 1.25 inches X 3.5mm, soft enamel with epoxy,
Custom Icon

Here are the 5 Regular Editions...

Black Nickel/Green
Black Nickel/Orange
Black Nickel/Yellow
Antique Gold/Black
Antique Silver/Purple

3 Special Editions: Antique Gold/Green - Antique Gold/Red - Antique Silver/Blue

Wretched Skull (2007):

Antique Gold - Antique Silver
The coin is 3d, 2-tone and contains gems. The skull and the bone coin border is 3d.  This coin was a customer inspired design. It is a 2 Tone Geocoin, Antique Gold with Antique Silver Skull.  Includes 6 crystals with 2.5mm diameter! This Geocoin is 42mm x 3.5mm. This coins is Trackable on with its own Icon.

Wheel of the year (2008):

World's Best Dad (2008):
This coin features a dad  with the quote "Kids need a dad so that they can have a superhero to look up to":.  It is trackable at with its own icon

Worldchampionship (2006):

World Travel:

World Ploughing (2009):
This beautiful coin was made to commemorate the World Ploughing Championship that will be held in New Zealand next year. The World Ploughing Organization is dedicated to finding ways to provide food for a growing world population and to fostering goodwill among nations. So whether you have dedicated your life to working the land or you are simply grateful for the food you eat,

World Diabetes Day(2007):
The World Diabetes Day geocoins are now available! These limited edition commemorative coins mark the passage of UN resolution 61/225 and the first United Nations observed World Diabetes Day. Each WDD 2007 geocoin aims to draw attention to the 246 million people affected by diabetes worldwide. Its mission is to travel the globe spreading diabetes awareness.

World Caching (2007):

This limited production geocoin is called "Ocean" and is the first coin in a series that Worldcaching is planning. This coin was inspired by all the amazing caches that lead us to enjoy the splender of our west coast shoreline. The art work is by Darren of the wild wiggly beanz in Vancouver, Canada.  Worldcaching logo- "Geocaching- same planet, different world" on one side.
On the other side is an ocean scene with anenomes and a little hidden cache.

Designer: Workerofwood
Coin Stats: 1.5" 290 Gold, 10 Silver

"Assume Nothing" The 3D sculpted hand holds a small coin which is kept in place by a magnet. Reveals part of coordinates.

Workerofwood is a geocacher from the San Francisco Bay Area.


Woodsy Owl (2007):
The Woodsy Owl Geocoin has been produced with permission from the U.S. Forest Service and 10% of all sales will go to benefit the "Conservation Education / National Symbols Program for use in furthering the wise use of the environment and programs that foster maintenance and improvement of environmental quality." The 2" x 3.5 mm thick, brass, Woodsy Owl Geocoin has been created in two versions. The front side of each version is identical and depicts in colorful hard enamel Woodsy Owl standing and holding a GPS receiver. The reverse is highly polished and has the geocaching symbol encircled with one of two official tag lines - "Give A Hoot. Don't Pollute." and "Lend A Hand. Care For The Land." These geocoins are trackable at and have custom prefixes (WO) and unique icons.

Wonderful Discoveries (2007):
Dimensions: 1.75" (45mm)
2D/3D: 2D Both Sides
Thickness: 3.0mm
Finish: Nickel, Gold
Enameling: Soft & Translucent Enamel With Epoxy
Trackable: Yes, on
Unique Icon:

The coin idea came about from the wonderful things that you often discover while searching for a geocache. I am sure that most of you can relate to searching for a cache and stumbling upon something in nature that distracted you from your initial intent. This coin features translucent enamels for most of the coin except the bison cache, eye and the insects. The front of the coin as an epoxy layer over the magnifying glass to give it that realistic look. This coin is available in 3 regular editions with different eye colors and different cache container colors, plus a LE "fall" version of this geocoin (Gold).

Women of Distinction (2008/2009):
Rosa Parks - Women of Distinction

Rosa Parks Geocoin
Women of Distinction Series - Introductory Coin

This coin introduces our “Women of Distinction” series by celebrating a true pioneer of our time.  Not only does it honor Rosa Park’s accomplishments but also celebrates Black history month.  This coin is done primary in black and white with an antique silver finish.  The front photograph of the coin depicts Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat to a white person, while the back of the coin is an representation of the actual sign that hung on the bus.

On December 1, 1955 in Montgomery, Alabama, Parks refused to obey bus driver James Blake’s order that she give up her seat to make room for a white passenger.  Her action sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

Parks’s act of defiance became an important symbol of the modern Civil Rights Movement and Parks became an international icon of resistance to racial segregation. She organized and collaborated with civil rights leaders, including boycott leader Martin Luther King Jr., helping to launch him to national prominence in the civil rights movement.

Parks eventually received many honors ranging from the 1979 Springarm Medal to the Congressional Gold Medal, a posthumous statue in the United States Capitol’s National Statuary Hall, and the posthumous honor of lying in honor at the Capitol Rotunda.

Coin Name: Edition Rosa Parks: Women of Distinction
Size and Shape 50mm
Thickness 3.5mm
Finish Silver
Issue Date 04/01/09

Amelia Earhart Geocoin
Women of Distinction Geocoins (Second Coin in Series)

Touchstone Coins proudly presents "Amelia Earhart" Its second coin in the series of Women of Distinction This coin is presented with an photograph inlaid into a chrome finish coin. The back of the coin represents the engine of Amelia’s plane and is done in 3D.

July 24, 1897 missing July 2, 1937, declared dead January 5, 1939. Amelia was a noted American aviation pioneer, and author. Earhart was the first woman to receive the Distinguished Flying Cross, awarded for becoming the first aviatrix to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. She set many other records, wrote best-selling books about her flying experiences, and was instrumental in the formation of The Ninety-Nines, an organization for female pilots.

During an attempt to make a circumnavigational flight of the globe in 1937, Earhart disappeared over the central Pacific Ocean near Howland Island. Fascination with her life, career and disappearance continues to this day.

Coin Name: Edition Amelia Earhart: Women of Distinction
Size and Shape 50mm (2?) Tip to Tip, Round
Thickness 3.5 mm
Finish Chrome
Issue Date 04/01/09

Wolverine Warriors:

WMS Geocoin:

WMA Vest:
This Coin is minted in a Pol. Nickel finish with a glow in the dark "Safety Stripe".  It is Trackable @

WJT Coin Cologne (2005):

Wizard, The:

Witch Geocacher Parking:

Wishing Coin, The (2008):
Coin Stats:Size: 2" x 1.25"
Edition: gold, hard enamel, 200 serially numbered
Additional comments: Distributed into caches, via mail and at geocoinfest in 2008 by anonymous geocoin addict!
Description: Oval coin featuring two koi in a pond on the front with a rhyme in the style of a typical mystery geocoin on the reverse which also featured on the accompanying letter:" We thow our pennies in, We give our wishes to the wind, May all your dreams come true, May all good fortune come to you."

Wisconsin Robin (2007):

This is a nice state shaped personal. Coins are available are Silver Pairs and Antique Gold pairs. Each pair is a 2" coin with a 1.25" micro robin egg.
There is also a LE Copper pair (50 minted)

Wisconsin Geocaching Association (2005/2008):

The third official Wisconsin Geocaching Association geocoin!
The coins are cow shaped, approximately 2 1/4" wide (at their widest point), brass coins with a black nickel finish, and feature imitation hard enamel fill (3 fill colors on the front and back). They are trackable at and have their own custom cow icon

Winter Wonderland (2008):
This coin was made to look just like a snow globe! The front of the coin has a nice winter scene. The back of the coin has a snowman in the woods, holding a GPS, next to a geocache! The glitter on both sides of the coin gives it that snowy look!

Winged Friends (2008):
If you are a big bike fan this coin is for you.  It was created by Mestreechteneer to celebrate 30 years of the Goldwing in the Netherlands.
A total of 300 coins were made.  100 Silver coins and 200 Gold coins.  There will be no second minting.  150 are being sold in Europe by Mestreechteneer and the balance at Hogwild Stuff.
Size: 1.75 inch X 3.0 mm Finish:  Shiny Nickel / Shiny Gold


Windis Königlich-Bayrische Stammtisch Geocoin (2009):
Als Urbayer und Münchner hatte Windi die schöne Idee, dem ehemals bayerischen König Ludwig II. Otto Friedrich Wilhelm von Bayern (* 25. August 1845 in München, Schloss Nymphenburg; † 13. Juni 1886 im Würmsee) anlässlich des 5jährigen Bestehens des Geocaching Stammtisches in München eine Coin zu widmen.

So wurden Sepp & Berta mit dem Design beauftragt. Es sollte eine königlich-bayerische Coin werden mit Ornamenten, den Löwen (in 3d) sowie auf der Rückseite eine Tafel mit Krone, auf der Windis königlich bayerischer Stammtisch in München verewigt wurde. Die allererste Auflage gab es nur über den Stammtisch selbst und aufgrund der vielen Nachfragen, die bei Windi eingingen, kam es zu dieser Nachproduktion, u.a. mit neuen Metalleditionen. Wir freuen uns, dass wir eine eigenen Sepp & Berta Edition bekommen haben, nämlich die 2-tone antik kupfer und silber!

Edition     Gold     2-tone     2-tone     S&B Edition     
Metall     antik gold     antik silver / glänzend gold     antik gold/ glänzend silber     antik kuper /glänzend silber     
Farbe     Transparent div.     Transparent div..     Transparent div.     Transparent div.     
Special     Foto gedruckt     Foto gedruckt     Foto gedruckt     Foto gedruckt     
Auflage     25     50     25     60     
Zum Verkauf     10 (max. 1/Besteller)     10 (max. 1/Besteller)     10 (max. 1/Besteller)   

50 (max. 3/Besteller)

    * Trackbar mit eigenem Icon  
    * 3D auf beiden Seiten
    * verschiedene Metalle
    * 44 mm Durchmesser
    * 4 mm dick (über 50g schwer!)
    * bedrucktes Bild von König Ludwig + Epoxidüberzug

Wilson Explorers:

Willem van Oranje (2009):

Willem van Oranje (William of Orange, a.k.a. William the Silent) was born in the House of Nassau as a count of Nassau-Dillenburg. He became Prince of Orange in 1544 and is thereby the founder of the branch House of Orange-Nassau. He was the main leader of the Dutch revolt against the Spanish that set off the Eighty Years' War and resulted in the formal independence of the United Provinces in 1648. In the Netherlands, he is also known as the Vader des Vaderlands, "Father of the Fatherland", and the Dutch national anthem, Het Wilhelmus was written in his honour.
The front of this coin is a copy of the first Dutch coin which was minted in 1583. It shows the portrait of William of Orange and the motto Vigilate Deo Confidentes, which means 'Guard, trusting in God'. The backside of this coin has one of William most important statements written on it: “Ik kan niet goedkeuren dat vorsten over het geweten van hun onderdanen willen heersen en hun de vrijheid van geloof ontnemen” which translated means "I can not approve that monarchs want to rule over the conscience of their people and take away their freedom of religion"

Will You Marry Me? (2007):
This coin was made as part of my proposal to my girlfriend. Here is the story as I posted it Sept. 15th, 2007......
Today was a beautiful day and a very special day for myself and my girlfriend Hulalavacachegirl. Today I asked her to marry me at the Lord of the Rings Cache and she said.....YES!!
My plan started a little over a month ago. I had the idea to make a geocoin with a silouette of a couple kissing; the word "Love" in all different languages encircling the outer edge of the coin and the words "Will you marry me" on one side of the coin. The opposited side of the coin has a bride and groom coming down a grassy hill from a chapel with our names on it..."Greg and Katherine 2008."
I had decided to plant the coin in the "Lord of the Rings" geocache a few days before our visit to the cache and have my girlfriend "find" it when we found the cache together on the weekend. I wasn't sure I could pull this off - but I did and it went flawlessly.....

We found the cache and sat on one of the walls to look thru it. It just so happened that the "Will you marry me" side of the coin was upward and my girlfriend found it. She looked at it and said.....look at this....this is neat (not knowing it was meant for her). She flipped the coin over and saw the bride and groom and our names on it and let out a stunned gasp. Tears started coming to her eyes and she grabbed me and hugged me. After a minute she calmed down and I reached in my backpack and pulled out the ring. I officially asked her to marry me....and she said "yes." She was so suprised and happy!
We talked a little bit and returned the cache to it's "coordinates" and talked to some of the nice people "watching" the cache. They were really happy for us and thought the coin I designed was cool and romantic......
It was a beautiful day in Santa Monica and a great start to my fiance and my life together!

Wildwood Bob and the Moose:

WIldlife Muggles:

Wildflower (2009/2010):

The Wildflower coin features an obverse designed by guest artist Barb Jernigan depicting a variety of flowers including:
Texas Bluebonnet (Lupinus texensis)
Plains Coreopsis (Coreopsis tinctoria)
Texas Paintbrush (Catilleja indivisa)
Blanketflower (Gaillardia pulchella) and
Prarie Flax (Linum sulcatum)
The reverse is designed by Chris Rake, and features a compass rose in a broken tile motif with translucent hard enamel.

This 1.75" wide coin is available in Polished Nickel, Polished Gold, and a limited edition Black Nickel with a special glow-in-the-dark compass rose replacing the translucent colors. The black nickel version is only available as part of the 3-finish combo.

Includes: Polished Nickel and Gold Trackable
Imitation hard enamel
Custom Icon
1.75" Width

Wildcoin (2008):

Wildcoin Antique Gold

- 1.5 inches diameter (app. 38 mm); 3 mm thickness
- trackable at with its own icon: 
- 3D on the frontside

This Geocoin has been designed by a German scout club.
More information at


Wichita Geocaching Society (2007):

whtwolfden Vegas:

Who Wants to Be a Super Cacher?:

If you want to be a Super Cacher, you'll have to have the strength to overcome the threat of Poison Sumac. There are all kinds of deadly plants out in the wilderness from creepers aiming to trip the unwary geocaching to Kudzu trying to entangle those who go by.  Only a Super Cacher will be able to overcome such plant-life obstacles to find the cache.  This coin is 1 5/8" (42mm) in diameter and 3.5mm thick.

If you want to be a Super Cacher, then you will have to sign the log book to claim the cache find. While others give up the hunt and still log a cache as found, only a true Super Cacher actually logs the cache both online and in the logbook. Nobody likes a phantom logger.  This coin is 1 5/8" (42mm) in diameter and 3.5mm thick

So you want to be a SuperCacher?
If you want to be a Super Cacher, you'll have to have the strength to overcome the dual threat of the DNF Duo. Only a true Super Cacher has the stamina to continue caching after stumbling upon two DNFs in a row. 
Diameter 1.75" Thickness 3.5mm

Whitewater Event (2007):

Mid size coin with heft. Unusual shape. The front of this coin uses lots of enamel and has nice 3-D work. The work blends very nicely with the design. It shows a stringed instrument in the coin shape. It has slight but nicely detailed relief work around the medallion and the "head of the strings. The medallion has script above and below the strings. It reads "Paddle Faster I Hear Banjos" There is a small commercial "G" at the end of the neck. The reverse has lots of 3-D metal work and nice background metal texture. The image shows a group of rafters, a raft and rapids. There are music notes on either side of the image. The detail is excellent on the rafters, and the paddles. There is a commercial logo done in 3-D and the commercial "G". These do not detract from the design. The raised script says "Riding the waves". Available in other metal colors.

Whitebear Diner(2007):

Whitebear Last Bite: (2009):

Whitebear Oh No: (2009):

Whitebear Bitten Again: (2009):

Whitebear Bitten: (2009):

White Ice Dragon (2007):

White Elephant Gift Exchange (2007):
White Elephant Gift Exchange WEGE Geocoin
A Fun Geocoin for this Holiday Season.
Imitation hard enamel. Size:1.5" Shaped Geocoin
This Geocoin is not limited.

White Dragon Clan, The (2007):

Whinnethepooh - TazmanianDevils:

Wherigo (2009):

When Pigs Fly:

Wheel Of The Year (2008):

The Wheel of the Year is a Wiccan and Neopagan term for the annual cycle of the Earth's seasons. It consists of eight festivals, spaced at approximately even intervals throughout the year. These festivals are referred to by Wiccans as Sabbats.

In many forms of Neopaganism, natural processes are seen as following a continuous cycle. The passing of time is also seen as cyclical, and is represented by a circle or wheel. The progression of birth, life, decline and death, as experienced in human lives, is echoed in the progression of the seasons. Wiccans also see this cycle as echoing the life, death and rebirth of their Horned God and the fertility of their Goddess.

Wheel of the Year 2008 Geocoin Foggy Silver

- 1.5 inches diameter (app. 38 mm); 3 mm thickness

What Would Signal Do (2008):

What Was In Your Mailbox Today? (2007/2009):

This geocoin is the third coin the the "What's in Your Mailbox" geocoin series. Inspired by the thread in the Geocaching Forums titled "What was in your mailbox today? Brag about your good days!" and designed by Jen of Wicks Works Design, this coin celebrates geocachers and geocoin collecting.
Size: 1.67"(42mm) x 3.5mm
Trackable at and has its own icon.

What's in your Mailbox? Version 2 followed shortly after the first due to it's popularity and the need to add more names. Like the first version this coin was designed by Wicks Works Design and produced by Oakcoins. The regular edition featured a lighter shade of translucent blue and made with a Shiny Gold and Shiny Nickel. The Artist Editions featured a darker translucent blue and were produced on both a Shiny Nickel (10 made) and a Shiny Copper (20 made).
What are you waiting for?:

Whale Trail (2007):
Features the Hawaii honu turtle and shaped like a whales tail.
Among many Native American tribes, the whale is known as the "Record Keeper," it carries the history of Mother Earth and is said to have been placed here by the Ancients from the Dog Star, Sirius. Turtle is said to be the oldest symbol for planet Earth. Ancient symbolism of whale and turtle are now being brought together to collectively represent a modern view of geocaching.
There are 225 black nickel with vibrant transparent colors of blue and green. There are 25 artist edition in shiny gold with a darker blue and green (the artist edtions are only available through the designer - tsunrisebey). The coin measures 1.5" and is trackable with icon.
Minted by The CachingPlace.

WGA 5th Annual Geo-Campout (2006):

Weston-super-Mega (2009):

Western Massachusetts Geocachers (2008):

West Virginia (2007):

West Texas WingNuts:

WEDDING (2009):
Your geocacher friends are marrying, or yourself have wedding anniversary? In that case this geocoin is the perfect personal gift.

- Diameter: 1.75 inch (app. 38 mm)
- Thickness: 3mm
- Trackable at
- Own Icon:
- Own Prefix: MY
- Platings: different Versions available (see below)
- Colors: different Versions available (see below)
- Back: compass rose

- Front: Wedding couple (fixed) + INDIVIDUAL ENGRAVING TEXT 1 + 2 (each max 25 characters)

Please define the desired engraving text 1 + 2  in the Box "Insert personal memo depending to your order" during the step "Method of Payment" !
e.g. : Text1:"Just Married" Text2:"Peter and Ann 2009/05/018

Delivery includes nice coin box:
Web Cam-Cache Icon Micro (2009):



Waymarking Bounty (2008):
This is a great geocoin design, consisting of the red Waymarking logo on one side, and a "wanted" poster featuring Signal the frog on the other.

Washington State University Cougars (2008):

Washington State Geocaching Association (2009):
The coin is in the shape of the state and measures 1.75" wide by 1.17 inches tall. The front has the WSGA logo superimposed over the state. The back is divided into the current Chapters of the WSGA. The coin is trackable on and has a unique Icon.

Washington Quarter (2008):

Washington (2004/2005):

This is a beautifully designed geocoin, with the outline of the state of Washington and the classic logo on one side. The words " Home of Geocaching World Headquarters " crest the top. A serial number is near the bottom. The other side of the coin has (I think) Mount St. Hellens, a few pine trees, a geocacher / hiker, and a bald eagle. The words " The Evergreen State " crest the bottom edge.

Trackable on the website

Wanna Go (2005):

Wandering Dragon (2002):
100 brass coins created in 2002 as personal coins of the Wanderingdragon. Serially numbered 001-100 Dropped into caches or traded

track at

Walpurgis Night (2006-2008):
The Walpurgis 2006 Event Geocoin is traceable at with its own icon, the activation code can be retrieved from The coin was made for the Walpurgis event in Germany, where a brave group of Geocachers climbed the Brocken in the night to May 1st, 2006. The coin has a diameter of 32mm, is 2mm strong and weighs about 23g. The half moon is a hole suitable for Travel Bug chains or key rings.

Walkin' Ed (2008):


Wahine Eyespy:

WA Counties (2006):

W4MK Amateur Radio (2007):
W4MK is the callsign on the amateur radio waves and his geocaching profile name. He is based out of New Mexico and is very active with many interesting hobbies.
Measures 1.75" diameter
3-D globe design
Soft enamel colors
Each coin is trackable at
Has its own icon that shows on your stats page when you log a find or discover it

Vulkanius Geocoin (2009):

Dieser Geocoin verweist thematisch auf die landschaftlich einmalige und wunderschöne Eifelregion mit vielen interessanten Geocaches.
Der "Vulkanius" ist das Maskottchen des Vulkanparks.
Informationen zum Vulkanpark Eifel gibt es hier.

Die vielen Mare in der Region sind Zeugen der ehemals sehr aktiven Vulkane. Wissenschaftler sind sich einig, dass es irgendwann einmal wieder zu einem Ausbruch kommen wird. Es gibt einige Indizien, die dies belegen.
In dem  Spielfilm "Vulkan" der rund um den Laacher See in der Eifel gedreht wurde, wird die Katastrophe eines Vulkanausbruchs mit all ihren Folgen dargestellt.

Vote (2008):


Volunteer Geo-Award (2009):
Present this geocoin to the volunteers of your event or special occasion and show your appreciation of their hard work and dedication.  Plated in 24kt polished gold and filled with translucent color, this coin is sure to be a prized treasure.  It also has an etching area that can fit three lines of text.  Take it to your local engraving service and have a name, event, date, or whatever you want etched on the backside.

Measures 1.75" diameter
Hard enamel colors
Includes etching area that fits three lines of text (see your local engraver for this service)


Vision and Tradition (2009):

In April 2008 the Institut de Physique du Globe de Strasbourg (Ecole et Observatoire des Sciences de la Terre) and the Geodetic Institute of the Karlsruhe University (TH) established an geo-scientific and transnational joint venture called GURN (GNSS Upper Rhine Graben Network). Within the GURN initiative these institutions are cooperating in order to carry out research in the framework of the transnational project TOPO-WECEP (West and Central European Platform), which succeeds the former project EUCOR-URGENT (Upper Rhine Graben Evolution and NeoTectonics). The proposed research is based on GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) in order to detect recent crustal movements. For more informations see

Virtual Ghost Micro (2008):

Based on the first Geoswag Club coin, this cute micro-sized ghost is perfect for most size cache travel. It also makes a spooky little halloween treat. This little ghost glows in the dark!


Vinatge Airpower (2007):

The P-38 Lightning is the third in this great Vintage Air series. The P-38 is an icon of vintage Air Power and one of the most beloved aircraft of aviation history.
Size: 2 (50mm)
Thickness: 3.5mm
Metal Options: Antique Gold, Antique Silver, Antique Copper and the Black nickel LE
Trackable: Yes, on
Icon: Yes

Ville De Quebec (2008):
This Geocoins are trackable on
This Geocoins has his own icon.
Size 45mm and 3mm
Imprinted on the side/edge (Trackable at
It will be made in 3 finishes (old silver, old gold, copper).
This coin is part of foundries to help 2 geocacher to pay there inscription for a big event that will bring them from Quebec (Canada) to La Rochelle (France) on 1 of 35 sailboat that will be crossing the Atlantic in 2008 for the 400e anniversary of the foundation of the city of Quebec.
Samuel De Champlain had a dwelling, or Abitation, constructed out of wood to serve as a residence, a fort, and a storage place for the food and furs he traded. Cannons, a palisade of wood stakes, a moat, and a drawbridge protected the entranceway. Beginning in 1609, Amerindians visited it regularly to trade furs for European goods. Québec also became a staging ground for missionaries with the arrival of the Récollets in 1615. A fort built at the top of the hill marked the birth of the upper town. However, twenty years after its foundation, Québec City still had only 72 inhabitants.

The colors used in the coat of arms of Québec City possess a heraldic significance: gold symbolizes strength, faith, justice, wealth, constancy and splendor; silver: humility, purity, charity, truth and victory; azur: sovereignty, majesty, serenity, good reputation, knowledge, clarity and loyalty; gules: love, pain, grandeur, courage, generosity, bravery and intrepidity; and green: hope, revival, abundance, beauty, freedom and cheerfulness.

The ship represents the period when Québec was founded, in 1608, by Samuel de Champlain, who came from Honfleur. It also represents the maritime vocation of Québec with its important seaport. The full sails symbolize the strength and courage of the population. Each of the two keys has its own significance: the key on the right symbolizes Québec as the capital of New-France, of Canada, at the beginning of the English regime, and of Lower-Canada; the key on the left represents the Capital of the province of Québec since the Confederation. Together they symbolize the political and municipal history of the City of Québec.


Viking Runestone:

Viking Heritage (2008):

Here is our first set of the VIKING HERITAGE GEOCOINS This is the Viking Shield and Viking Axe Geocoins in Antique Gold and Nickel 2 tone. The runes on the shield translate to "Viking Shield". These incredible geocoins are designed by Naomi "mousekakat" after actual artifacts from the Norse countries. Each design was carefully hand designed to include authentic shapes, designs and runes from the Viking era. Each geocoin has it's own custom icon and both are trackable. There were only 300 shields and axes minted and that is it! NO RE-MINTS This is the first set of our upcoming Heritage collection so you want to get these while they last.

These incredible geocoins were designed by mousekekat (Sweden) and are patterned after actual artifacts found.  The helmet is 1.75" x 3.5mm with all editions using 2 tone finishes, trackable with it's own unique icon.  The swords are 2" long with tapored edges on the blades and 3-D handles, also trackable with it's own unique icon.

VIGPS.COM Marmot (2005):
Mint: TheCachingPlace
Coin Stats: 300 antique nickel 1-1/2" coins were minted featuring the logo on one side, with the endangered Vancouver Island Marmot on the reverse. In October 2005, they sold for $3.94 US per coin.

vigps mtn-man Event (2007):
Website: mtn-mania! event
Coin Stats: 150 Shiny gold with foggy background 1-1/2" coins were minted for this event, and given to all who attended. The remaining coins were sold to cover the costs of production.

Vietnam War Commemorative:

Vietnam Memorial 25th Anniversary (2008):

Vienna (2007):

Victory Mike:

Victorian Postbox (2009):

VIC Bushfire (2009):

These beautiful coins feature Sam the Koala on one side (Permission for use of the image given by the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment) and a image of hope on the reverse side. The words around the outside are "Dedicated to all those who have lost, and all those who have risked their lives to fight for them". All money raised will go to the RedCross Bushfire Appeal.

This beautiful coin is being designed to raise money for the VIC Bushfire appeal. The beautiful coin is a reminder of the love that Australian's have shown, the sacrifice made by the unsung heroe's and the little glimmers of hope that occur even in these dark times. All proceeds for this coin will be given to the RedCross VIC Bushfire appeal.
VGC - Vereenigde Geocoins Compagnie (2008):
"Disney Team" Geocoin.  This is 1 of 7 Different Coins Minted for Vereenigde Geocoins Compagnie.
"The VGC 2008 consisted of 7 teams that each had their own limited number of geocoins made. All the coins share the same icon, prefix and design for the back side, while the front of the coins is designed by the teams themselves."
There were ONLY 75 of these coins minted and they measure 1.75".  It is Minted in Pol.Nickel and is Trackable @

Team Sweetlake VGC personal geocoin. This coin is 1.75" in diameter, has a shiny silver nickel finish, double side epoxy caoting, and is trackable on geocaching dot com with custom icon.

This personal geocoin of the Wandelaartjes is part of the Vereenigde Geocoins Compagnie (VGC) 2008.
The VGC 2008 consisted of 7 teams that each had their own limited number of geocoins made. All the coins share the same icon, prefix and design for the back side, while the front of the coins is designed by the teams themselves.
Most of the VGC 2008 coins are trade only and only a limited number will be available for sale on this website. Of this coin there are in total 125 pieces produced in several finishes

Diameter: 42 mm
Thickness: 3 mm
Finish: antique copper
Color: soft enamel with epoxy
Designer: Wandelaartjes & KarelKraak
This personal geocoin of Team Kapitein Haak is part of the Vereenigde Geocoins Compagnie (VGC) 2008.

Diameter: 42 mm
Thickness: 3 mm
Finish: shiny silver
Color: soft enamel with epoxy
Designer: Kapitein Haak & KarelKraak

This personal geocoin of the Wandelaartjes is part of the Vereenigde Geocoins Compagnie (VGC) 2008.
The VGC 2008 consisted of 7 teams that each had their own limited number of geocoins made. All the coins share the same icon, prefix and design for the back side, while the front of the coins is designed by the teams themselves.
Most of the VGC 2008 coins are trade only and only a limited number will be available for sale on this website. Of this coin there are in total 125 pieces produced in several finishes

Veterans Day American Flag:

Vermont (2006):

Venturing BSA Crew 44°85°:

Vegas Gamblers  (2007):

Vanelle (2009):

There are two versions, silver and gold. The gold version is for cache drops only. The silver version is available for trade.
The front features some elements that appeal to me and say something about my geocaching style. I travel a fair amount and publish a lot of puzzle and earthcaches. The little stars in the sky are really constellations - my favorite (Orion, harbinger of winter here in the northern hemisphere) shows up just under and to the left of the question mark.

The back has this little "Vanelle" logo of a girl walking thorugh the world. I sketch that quick cartoon in every log I sign. Behind the V is a compass rose, and behind that, the topo map for home. You can see my house, barn, and roadside corner. I picked the deep blue on the back because it reminded me of blueprints (I am a landscape architect).

Vampires, Mummies, GeoGhost:

Vacman (2004):

U-Turn (2007):

Utah State Parks 50th Anniversary:

Utah Micro (2006):

Utah (2006):

UTAG (2005,2007):


Usedom (2007):

USCGA (2007):

USA/CANADA Celebration:

USA Geocoins - GeocoinFest (2008):
These were the coins we had made up for Geocoinfest 2008.
There were 4 finishes made
Polished Nickel, Antique Silver, Antique Bronze and Black Nickel. 63 of each finish was minted.

1.75 inch diameter
4 Finishes Available
Imitation Hard Enamel
Photo Finish on Eagle Side
Trackable on
Coin has it's own icon
Has EV (Event) Prefix
USA Flag (2009):

USA  Nano (2009): trackable with own custom icon.
the diameter of this coin is only ½" = 13 mm.
2mm thick.
it is magnetic!!

COIN STATS: Round Size: .5" Imitation Hard Enamel Thickness: 2 mm Metal & Quantity: 100 Black Nickel, 75 Nickel, 25 Gold, 50 Satin Gold Trackable: Yes, Icon: Yes, USA flag Activation Codes: or Unique Features: 2-D Depiction of a USA flag. The backside holds the coin code and trackable at and a magnet.
USA (2005-2007):

1.5 inches
Minted by
Trackable on with their own Icon

The front shows the Golden Gate Bridge and Lady Liberty signifying from sea to shining sea. The back has "Caching Around The NEIGHBORHOOD" above a trolley car, to show the local aspect of the USA which is about it's people and it's communities.

This is the first in a series of "USA Geocoins by the Artist"
This beautiful coin was designed by the well renowned coin artist Jamie at Madhatters Neverland. USA Geocoins surveyed coin buyers to ask what coin artist they respect the most and Jamie was one of the top mentioned artist. We have contacted several other artist that have said they would also be contributing to this project.  Jamie has also informed us that he will be donating $1 of each coin sold to the following charities.

Ronald McDonald House
Childrens Hospital for Eastern Ontario
and the local Cub Scouts

Here is what Jamie had to say about this design idea:

For the front
 I decided to put the Golden Gate Bridge and Lady Liberty.
I choose these two for a couple of reasons.
1) I was watching a movie the other day for the hundredth or so time and go to the part where a bear and a frog are in a Studebaker (yes I'm a kid at heart) and the bear starts singing "O beautiful for spacious skies..." as they drive across the country.
That song ends with the line "From sea to Shining sea".
I thought that was a great way to describe the USA - So I picked a monument on the one coast and the other.

2) I may have a unique perspective of this assignment over the other artists in that I'm what Americans would call a foreigner - I'm Canadian born and bread.
So I got to thinking that most people in the USA came from somewhere else. They came to the USA with their hopes and dreams to make better lives for themselves.
And when they arrived in the US, often, the first thing they saw was either Liberty in the east or the Golden Gate in the west.

As for the back...
I could have put other monuments... Rushmore... the Alamo... Hoover Dam... All important in their own right yes, but they didn't seem to fit for me. Plus the USA is more than it's monuments and structures. It's about it's people and it's communities. So instead of the "big picture" of the USA I put on the front, this side I wanted to look more at the communities. It took me a long time to think of how...

As I said before, I'm a kid at heart (I've been a 6 year old for the past 28 years). I decided to think back to the first time I was 6 (and even before) and remember what my first impressions of the United States were. At that time, my view of the USA didn't extend much beyond one particular street and one particular neighbourhood so I figured items from there would be my "monuments" to people and community.

I wanted to add one last note...
On the back, I used the spelling "neighborhood" because this is a US coin and all, but to be honest, I much prefer the Canadian spelling "neighbourhood" because I just can't see it without "you" :)
cya on the trails....

Jamie - aka MadHattersNeverland
US Flag History Series (2009):

UR #1 (2008):

This coin was designed by River Cacher.This is his first non-event geocoin. River Cacher was inspired to create this coin after attempting to locate coins to give away as Birthday gifts, Milestones, FTF prizes and other types of presents.

This coin is meant to be in a series of 4 different colors. This particular coin has a yellow border. Once these 250 coins are sold River Cacher will create the same coin but with a green border. That coin will then have a green balloon icon. After that he will create a blue balloon and then a orange balloon, each with different icons.

1 1/2 inches in diameter
Shaped coin with one cutout at bottom
Soft enameling
Trackable at with yellow balloon icon
250 coins minted in nickel, black nickel, & copper
100 coins minted in nickel
Minted by Oakcoins

Upik Nuannertoq (2009):

my first coin Upik Nuannertoq
first of the serie.
all home made(not made in china)
i have a small foundry at home and i cast all my coin.
a lot of job.
i did 100 pieces and they are trackable. 80 for sale 20 for trade and gift
they made on aluminum
i did the limited edition in bronze 10 coin not trackable.

UO Trackers:

Unknown Soldier (2007):

Unity Dragon/Unity in Heaven (2008):

For seven years we have lived as American expatriates in Sichuan, China doing humanitarian work. While I was there, my family and I had the privilege to put some of the first (and now, oldest) geocaches in the Country. Oh, the geo-stories we could tell! As we began to make our preparations to repatriate to the United States, the devastating Sichuan Earthquake of 2007 hit our beloved city, Chengdu. Though it was a great tragedy, I was impressed with how the Chinese people, the government, and organizations around the world unified, coming together to reach out to those whose lives where forever changed in an instant.
This coin commemorates the spirit that unifies the "west and east", and pays tribute the country that so blessed our lives.

Side A : The Chinese Dragon and Phoenix are ancient Chinese symbols whose origins can be traced back 7000 years. Deeply rooted into the Asian culture, as seen here, the celestial creatures are centered on the sun. The dragon, being the leader and the phoenix being the helper, balance each other in unity bring in prosperity to all.

The art for this side is drawn from traditional "community gate" blessing carvings seen in Sichuan, China even to this day. The art from which the die is drawn, is the authors (mine smile.gif ).

Side B : There is a European medieval belief in "Cathy", a place of shared belief and unity in faith where the Judeo-Christian God of the Old Testament and “Sheng Di” (God on High) of Ancient China stim from the same ideals. The text (in simplified characters) translates as follows: “Who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature. For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him.”

Unity (2006):

- 1.75 inches diameter (app. 44.5 mm); 3 mm thickness
- by PrinceShoko
- trackable with its own icon

UnitedGeoCachers Paperless Caching  (2007):

United World (2008):

1.75 Trackable Geocoins. The Coins read: "In the countries we live in there are many flags, different laws to follow and borders separating our lands. But in the caching world we develop worldwide friendships, follow the same rules, work together and unite under one banner." There are 5 different editions: Nickel (25), Gold (75), Copper (75), Black Nickel (75) and 2 tone BN/Gold (50).

United We Stand:

United We Cache (2006):

United Kingdom (2005):

Unite For Tank:

Underwater Caching (2008):

Uncle Jon (2006):

Uncle Cacher:

Uluru - Kata Tjuta (2007, 2009):

Ultimate Waypoint (2007):

Ultimate Mystery Cache, The (2007):

Ultimate Cache (2007):

1st In Christian Themed Series

This is a Christian themed geocoin Tracy (of T"n"T) designed for her mom. It is trackable on and has a custom icon.

Custom Icon
Trackable on
1.75" Diameter
4mm Thick

Ukraine (2008):

The front shows the Ukrainian coat of arms, set on a background of the Ukrainian flag, with the word Ukraine written in English, Ukrainian, and Russian.  The back shows a compass rose in the blue and yellow national colours.

RE - Nickel
LE - Black Nickel (30 made)
XLE - Copper (20 made)
XLE - Gold (20 made)

These coins are 1.5" in diameter with imitation hard enamel.  They are new, unactivated, and trackable on with the brand new icon below made for Islander1988 geocoins.

UK Mega Event (2008):

Ugly Duckling (2010):
Some caches just sit there getting no finds. These ugly duckling caches are often neglected for years... until one day someone finds one and shares its beauty in their log and the ugly duckling cache flourishes into a destination must have!

Size: 38mm x 3.5mm

UFO Alien (2006):


Welcome to the "Uckermark" Region!
In the North-East of Brandenburg, 80 km from Berlin, next to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Poland, you find the Uckermark. With 3058 km² this the largest county in Germany. With only 142000 inhabitants, it is one of the most sparsely populated regions of Germany - best conditions for peace and recreation in nature. Fertile land, pure air, clear water in nearly 400 lakes, rivers and streams characterize the Uckermark..

In this nice area, you can find a lot of interesting, diverse caches. Most of them were hidden by "Söhne der Uckermark" (community of cachers in the region Uckermark).

With this Geocoin, we want to show our connectivity to the Uckermark and draw the attention of the Geocacher community to this wonderful landscape.

U-Boat (2008):

Personal Coin by gigioll

The intention of the Memorial U-Boat Coin is to commemorate the dead of the World War II.
U69 was a german U-boat type VII C. Due to its special construction it was able to stay longer in sea than older U-boats. It was used from Nevember 2nd until its sinking on February 17th 1943.