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This coin is 1.75 inches in diameter and is trackable at The text on the front reads: "Do not forget what is good and beautiful".

The Snow Queen is not Jadis of Charn, nor is she Elsa of Arendelle, but she has the same father, Hans Christian Andersen. When she was young she had lofty and worthy dreams, but like so many of us, she forgot who she was. In order to become an adult, one must pursue power and wealth, for those two things are required to reach your goals, but she forgot that power and wealth are just tools to achieve other dreams. The queen is sophisticated and powerful, but her heart is frozen. The text on the coin reminds us to not forget what is good and beautiful.

The five editions available here are:

Aurora - red, orange, and white glass on solid copper

Crystals - sparkle enamel

Glacier - dark blue glass and light blue glass

Midnight Sun - amber glass and blue glass

Parhelia - 24 karat gold and rainbow colors


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