Montag, 27. April 2015

The Grim Reaper Geocoin


- Größe: ca. 44mm (1,75 Zoll) Durchmesser; 3 mm Dicke
- Glow in the Dark (nachleuchtend) - Hände und Augen
- Präfix: GR
- trackbar auf
- eigenes Icon auf The Grim Reaper Geocoin Icon

Herein, wenn's kein Schneider ist!
Der Sensenmann zieht umher und wird allseits gefürchtet. Das Ebenbild des Todes!

Der Grim Reaper Geocoin mit nachtleuchtenden Farben ist trackbar auf und besitzt dort ein eigenes Icon. Er ist in 6 tollen Versionen (+ 1 Artist Version) erhältlich.

- size: app. 44mm (1.75 inches) diameter; 3 mm thickness
- Glow in the Dark (hands and eyes)
- Prefix: GR
- trackable at
- own Icon at The Grim Reaper Geocoin Icon

The Grim Reaper - the counterpart of Death! Very nice Coin with glow in the dark colors. It is available in 6 versions (+ 1 artist edition) and trackable at with its own icon.

Hannibal Edition XLE 75

Thanatos Edition XLE 75

Izanami Edition XLE 75

Ankou Edition XLE 75

Yama Edition

Mephisto Edition

Dienstag, 21. April 2015

WWFM Flash Mob XII event geocoin


On June 13, 2015 the 12th WWFM will take place all around the globe - and this very special WWFM XII Geocoin was created to commemorate this worldwide geocaching event. Perfect for event giveaways, volunteer thank-you's, to send traveling the globe or to keep as a special memento. Get yours today; they'll be gone in a Flash!!!

The front side is themed with a colorful clock-face which is marked with numbers from worldwide writing systems. The back side features the Pangea continent and is representing the world coming together. We added glow-in-the-dark lightning bolts, a traditional sparkly rhinestone "bling", and lots of colors - all of this and more can be found on the official WWFM XII Geocoin, available for a limited time.

The concept of the Geocaching World Wide Flash Mob, created by Sonny and Sandy of the PodCacher Podcast ( is simple: thousands of geocachers all over the globe briefly come together for an event, all on the same day. At a precise time they come together, have a group "meal" (often it's chocolate kisses), take a group photo, maybe do something silly and then disperse, vanishing with the wind.

  • Measures 1.75" (45mm) in diameter
  • Enamel colors
  • Colored gemstone
  • Glowing color
  • Trackable on
  • An icon specific to this coin will show on your profile when you log a discovery


Flip For It Micro (2015)



Always be a winner with this fun, customer-inspired 2015 Flip For it geocoin. You won't believe the detail we packed into this little micro, featuring a 3D design on both sides.

Size: 1" (25mm) x 2.5mm

This geocoin is trackable at


Many Reasons 2 Cache Geocoin

Größe: ca. 38 mm (1,5 Zoll) Durchmesser; 3 mm Dicke
- Der 1 Teil der Serie
- Two Tone
- Rückseite 3D Darstellung
- Präfix: 2C
- trackbar auf
- eigenes Icon auf

Es ist soweit. Endlich gibt es die erste Geocaching Währung. Der erste Teil der Serie ist der Many Reasons 2 Cache Geocoin. Auf der Rückseite ist der Kopf von Signal The Frog dem Geocaching Maskottchen abgebildet, welcher das Hobby Geocaching "symbolisiert". Der Geocoin hat eine Größe von 1.75 Zoll und ist natürlich trackbar auf

- size: app. 38 mm (1.5 inches) diameter; 3 mm thickness
- 1. part of the Series (Geocaching currency)
- back 3D Design
- Prefix: 2C
- trackable at
- own icon at

There are many reasons 2 Cache. The first geocaching currency. The Geocoin ist trackable at and has it's own icon. On the front ist the design of "there are many reasons 2 CACHE" and on the back is the head of Signal the frog (the geocaching mascot).

Silber / Gold RE
Silver / Gold RE

Silber / Kupfer XLE 75
Silver / Copper XLE 75

Black Nickel / Kupfer XLE 75
Black Nickel / Copper XLE 75

Black Nickel / Gold LE 100
Black Nickel / Gold LE 100

Black Nickel / Silber LE 100
Black Nickel / Silver LE 100

Dienstag, 14. April 2015

Earth Day 2015



Earth Day is a day that is intended to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's natural environment. The anniversary celebrates the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970 - a time when hippie power and anti-war protests gave way to a heightened consciousness for environmental concerns. Show your love and appreciation for the Earth with this beautiful Earth Day Geocoin!

Designed by: Avroair

Size: 1.75" (45mm) x 3mm

This geocoin is trackable at


Donnerstag, 9. April 2015

GeoTeddy Geocoin


- Größe: 45 mm (Höhe); 3 mm Dicke
- Limitiert auf 50 Stück (mit Seriennummer)
- Präfix: GT
- trackbar auf
- eigenes Icon auf

Zu der GeoTeddy Familie gehören aktuell 10 Mitglieder.

Alle GeoTeddys haben ein Loch im linken Ohr. Somit ist es möglich ein Kettchen mit Anhängsel auf die Reise mitzugeben.
Jeder Teddy trägt eine Seriennummer, durchnummeriert von 01/50 bis 50/50. Somit gibt es jeden GeoTeddy genau 50 mal. Jeder Teddy hat eine Größe von 45 mm und ist trackbar auf Dort besitzt er auch ein eigenes Icon. Auf der Rückseite ist zusätzlich immer der Name des Teddys graviert.

- size: 45 mm (High); 3 mm thickness
- Limited to 50 pieces (with serial number)
- Prefix: GT
- trackable at
- own Icon at

At the moment the GeoTeddy family has got 10 members.

Each Teddy is limited to 50 pieces and has it's own serial number (1/50 - 50/50). Also the name is engraved on the back. It is trackable on and has its own unique icon

Puuh XLE 50

Angel XLE 50

Viola XLE 50

Petzi XLE 50

Ted XLE 50

Eddy XLE 50

Lilly XLE 50

Bernie XLE 50

Kati XLE 50

Bella XLE 50

Dienstag, 7. April 2015

Celtic Knot - Geocoin



Celtic knots are an Irish symbol meant to symbolize cycles of life or eternity. They also symbolize endless friendship. This geocoin designed by Avroair features a Celtic Knot and symbolizes the coming together of friends and Geocachers.

Size: 1.7" (43mm) x 3mm

This geocoin is trackable on with its own unique icon. with its own unique icon.


Mittwoch, 1. April 2015

15 Jahre Geocoin / 15 Years Geocoin (LIMITED)


Größe: ca. 50 mm 2,00 Zoll) Durchmesser; 4 mm Dicke
- Set enhält: (6 Coins LE 100)
- komplett limitiert (alle Versionen)
- Jubiläumsgeocoin (15 Jahre Geocaching)
- Signal The Frog
- drehbares Teil
- Präfix: GA
- trackbar auf
- eigenes Icon auf

- size: app. 50 mm (2.00 inches) diameter; 4 mm thickness
- set includs: 6 x LE 100 geocoin
- limited: 100 pieces each Geocoin (all versions)
- Prefix: GA
- trackable at
- own icon at

Gold / Blau LE 100
Gold / Blue LE 100

Gold / Schwarz LE 100
Gold / Black LE 100

Gold / Weiss LE 100
Gold / White LE 100

Silber / Blau LE 100
Silver / Blue LE 100

Silber / Schwarz LE 100
Silver / Black LE 100

Silber / Weiss LE 100
Silver / White LE 100