Dienstag, 19. August 2014

7 Souvenirs of August Geo-Achievement coin


This Geo-Achievement coin is for you to show off your achievement of obtaining all seven souvenirs of August from Geocaching.com. This coin makes a great gift.

During August, your mission is to explore more of the geocaching universe. Find specific six different cache types and earn six unique souvenirs for your geocaching profile. Here is the list of them:

  • Find a Traditional geocache to earn the Explorer souvenir.
  • Find a Mystery Cache to earn the Puzzler souvenir.
  • Find a Multi-Cache to earn the Sightseer souvenir.
  • Attend a CITO event or find an EarthCache to earn the Nature Lover souvenir.
  • Attend an Event Cache, Mega-Event, or Giga-Event to unlock the Socializer souvenir.
  • Find a Virtual Cache, Wherigo, Letterbox Hybrid or Webcam Cache to earn the Collector souvenir.

Once you earn all six, you’ll be among the super-cachers that unlock a special seventh souvenir.

This coin features two dragons twisted in a Celtic knot. This knot represents the guardian of treasures. They are guarding the souvenir treasures showing that these souvenirs are not easy to get. The several concentric circles on this coin represent unity. Each souvenir is represented by an icon that depicts what each souvenir is about.

  • 1.75" (48mm) diameter
  • Antique bronze finish
  • Translucent and solid colors
  • Trackable on Geocaching.com
  • An icon specific to this coin will show on your profile when you log a discovery


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