Freitag, 14. März 2014

Brainstrust Elephant Geocoin



This Geocoin features the mascot of a charity called Brainstrust.


Brainstrust is a charity that offers a unique support service to people who are coping with a brain tumour.


The coin itself features vibrant hard enamels and a polished nickel finish. The back provides useful information such as contact details. As the coins go traveling, they will spread the word about this highly worthwhile charity.


If you buy this Geocoin, not only will you acquire a unique coin for your collection, but you will also be helping the charity by (1) raising money and (2) raising awareness as your Geocoin travels about.


Pulse 72 Geocaching designed and manufactured this coin for Brainstrust on a non-profit basis. All profits from its sale will also go to the Charity.


5 x 4 cm and 3.5 mm thick.


Each coin has a unique tracking code etched on the reverse and is fully trackable at


Brand new and not activated. They come with activation instructions.


Each coin also has a unique icon. This icon appears in your Geocaching profile under trackables you own. It also appears in the trackable history of those who find your coin, allowing people to "collect" a trackable without physically keeping the coin.


Comes in a protective pouch.


MPN: P72-GC-Brainstrust



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