Montag, 31. März 2014

Historic Geocoin – Tetradrachme of Athens


Dieser Geocoin ist eine Replika von einer Münze aus der Zeit um 450 vor Christus.

Duchmesser: 44mm

Farbe: Silber

Dieser Geocoin ist auf mit eigenem Icon trackbar.


Samstag, 29. März 2014

Campervan Geocoin


Bei und erhältlich.


The coin has lots of detail to faithfully represent a classic camper.

Rich hard enamels provide the classic colours, whilst translucent enamels give the windows and lights a really realistic look.

We’ve even added half raised metal to give extra detail behind the window.

The tracking number is actually engraved onto the number plate!

5 x 3.5 cm and 3 mm thick.

Comes in a protective pouch.

Fully trackable on and comes with activation instructions.

Each coin also has a unique icon. This icon appears in your Geocaching profile under trackables you own. It also appears in the trackable history of those who find your coin, allowing people to "collect" a trackable without physically keeping the coin.


Rabbit in Egg Geocoin




Anstatt die Ostereier zu verstecken, verstecken sich diese 5 kessen Hasen lieber im Osterei und wünschen Euch frohe Ostern.

Dieses Sammlerset besteht aus folgenden 5 Hasen, verpackt in einer schönen Geschenkbox:

Rudi - LE 125 (glow i.t.d.)
Hansi - LE 100
Klausi - LE 100
Lissi - LE 100
Micki - XLE 75

Das Sammlerset ist auf 75 Stück limitiert.
Trackable auf mit eigenem Icon

Größe: 55 mm x 44 mm
Dicke: 3 mm


Donnerstag, 27. März 2014




The Lord's Prayer coins are 2 inches in diameter and have their own custom icon. This coin features red and dark grey glass on bronze with a 18 karat gold finish.

The mint that manufactures these coins lost many of their employees that are skilled at applying glass to metal. Thus, these coins do not meet Gregson Vaux Artifacts' usual standards. However, they are being offered as limited edition coins and will never be offered again. Please look at the pictures carefully to get an idea of what the average coins will look like. Some individual coins may look better and some may look worse. THESE COINS CANNOT BE RETURNED!


Easter Egg / Osterei 2014 Geocoin (Limited)


nur solange der Vorrat reicht! Komplett limitiert

- Größe: ca. 44 mm (1,75 Zoll) Durchmesser; 3 mm Dicke
- Limitiert auf 75 Stück
- transparente Farbe
- Präfix: EE
- trackbar auf
- eigenes Icon auf

Die komplette Serie des Osterei Geocoin ist limitiert. Es gibt 7 verschiedene Verionen. Der Geocoin hat ein kleines Loch, um ihn an Ostern aufhängen zu können. Der Designer hat sich von den Farben der Karibik inspirieren lassen.
while stock last / all versions are Limited

- size: app. 44 mm (1.75 inches) diameter; 3 mm thickness
- Limited to 75 pieces
- transparent color
- prefix: EE
- trackable at
- own Icon at

All versions of the Easter Egg Geocoin are limited. The designer was inspired by the colors of the caribic.
Poliertes Silber / Caribic XLE 75
Polished Silver / Caribic XLE 75

Poliertes Gold Caribic XLE 75
Polished Gold Caribic XLE 75

Poliertes Silber Anthurie XLE 75
Polished Silver Anthurie XLE 75

Black Nickel Samba XLE 75
Black Nickel Samba XLE 75

Poliertes Gold Curacao XLE 75
Polished Gold Curacao XLE 75

Poliertes Silber Curacao XLE 75
Polished Silver Curacao XLE 75

Poliertes Gold Anthurie XLE 75
Polished Gold Anthurie XLE 75

Freitag, 14. März 2014

Brainstrust Elephant Geocoin



This Geocoin features the mascot of a charity called Brainstrust.


Brainstrust is a charity that offers a unique support service to people who are coping with a brain tumour.


The coin itself features vibrant hard enamels and a polished nickel finish. The back provides useful information such as contact details. As the coins go traveling, they will spread the word about this highly worthwhile charity.


If you buy this Geocoin, not only will you acquire a unique coin for your collection, but you will also be helping the charity by (1) raising money and (2) raising awareness as your Geocoin travels about.


Pulse 72 Geocaching designed and manufactured this coin for Brainstrust on a non-profit basis. All profits from its sale will also go to the Charity.


5 x 4 cm and 3.5 mm thick.


Each coin has a unique tracking code etched on the reverse and is fully trackable at


Brand new and not activated. They come with activation instructions.


Each coin also has a unique icon. This icon appears in your Geocaching profile under trackables you own. It also appears in the trackable history of those who find your coin, allowing people to "collect" a trackable without physically keeping the coin.


Comes in a protective pouch.


MPN: P72-GC-Brainstrust



Donnerstag, 13. März 2014

Roughneck Rendezvous V - Antique Silver


Fresh from the desert in sunny Southern California, this two-inch trackable geocoin from the Roughneck Rendezvous V event is a must for every collection! Geocachers from around the globe ascended on Ocotillo Wells SVRA for an off road adventure. Don't miss your chance to own a souvenir from a great event! On the front side of the coin, the Roughneck Rendezvous V logo is displayed in a multi-color rendition. On the flip side, this coin sports the California State Parks since 1864 logo.


Size: 2 Inch x 3mm

This Geocoin is trackble at


Geocacher's World Geocoin - USA


2 Zoll Länge (ca. 50 mm); 3 mm Dicke
- detaillierte 3D Darstellung auf der Vorderseite mit Epoxidlack
- Präfix: GW
- Motiv: Freiheitstatue (New York)
- trackable mit eigenem Icon auf Geocachers World United States of America Geocoin Icon 32 Pixel

Geocacher's World

Dies ist der nächste Teil der Geocacher's World Geocoin Serie. Er ist dem Geburtsland des Geocaching gewidmet - USA. Auf der Vorderseite ist das Wahrzeichen abgebildet - die Freiheitsstatue.
- 2 inches length (app. 50 mm); 3 mm thickness
- detailled 3D illustration on the frontside with epoxy coating
- Prefix: GW
- Motif: Statue of Liberty (New York)
- trackable with its own Icon at Geocachers World United States of America Geocoin Icon 32 Pixel

Geocacher's World

This is the next part of the Geocacher's World series: the country of birth of Geocaching - USA
The frontside shows the Statue of Liberty in New York.
Black Nickel / Silber XLE 75
Black Nickel / Silver XLE 75

Black Nickel / Gold XLE 75
Black Nickel / Gold XLE 75

Satin Silber XLE 75
Satin Silver XLE 75

Satin Gold XLE 75
Satin Gold XLE 75

Antik Silber RE
Antique Silver RE

Antik Gold RE
Antique Gold RE

Montag, 10. März 2014



DupleBug™; single tag

You write your tracking number on this tag!


Is your trackable geocoin, Travel Bug®, or other traveling item lost or stolen? Do you want to keep your geocoin in your collection, but still let the tracking number travel the world? Then put that tracking number to good use and keep it traveling by using the DupleBug. No need to by a new coin or tag, just reuse your old tracking number.

When the tag arrives to you, simply write your tracking number on the backside with permanent marker. You can then put this tag into the geocaching wild and continue to see your tracking number travel. It is like recycling those unused numbers, and you can save money by not having to purchase new geocoins or TBs.

Better yet, this tag is affordable. By purchasing the DupleBug, you can recycle your old tracking number for less than the cost of most other travelers.

Another wonderful feature is that this tag is small enough to fit into 35mm canisters. This means it can travel though more geocaches than many other trackables making it more useful and fun for everyone.

2 inches (50mm) long

Flexible plastic to endure rough handling

Includes wire loop to attach to your favorite traveler

Trackable on based on the tracking number you write on it.

Will show the icon associated with the tracking number you write on the tag.


Your number is printed on the tag the way you want it.

Less expensive than getting a new geocoin.

Continues the use of your old tracking numbers.

Small enough to fit in 35mm canisters, but also noticeable in big containers.

Bright color so it can be seen in caches.

Wire included to attach to your favorite traveler

This is not a trackable tag by itself. You must supply the tracking number you want written on it to make it trackable.


The Maker Geocoin Geocache Hider


The Maker Geocoin celebrates geocache hiders and also the Maker Madness Events being held around the world. Get this coin to celebrate the great hides you have made, or even to give to geocache hiders you appreciate.

This coin is not just for the events, but for anytime you want to celebrate geocache hides and hiders.

This coin is designed with a high level of detail and elegance. The back shows just a few of the common types of geocache hides you will find around the world.

Note: The photo shown for this coin is of the artwork and not the actual coin. Photos of the actual coin will be released once production is complete.

Measures 1.75 inches (45mm) diameter

Polished gold finish

Soft enamel colors

Trackable on

Has its own icon that shows on your profile when you log a discovery


Donnerstag, 6. März 2014

LORD´S PRAYER - German Editions



The Lord's Prayer coins are 2 inches in diameter and have their own custom icon.


Golden Schale - 18 karat gold, shiny nickel, anmber glass - GERMAN

Hiram's Münzschlag - care copper and a white dove - GERMAN

Menschenfischer - blue glass - GERMAN



Dienstag, 4. März 2014

Zodiac Compass Geocoin


- Größe: ca. 50 mm (2 Zoll) Durchmesser, 3 mm Dicke
- edle transparente Farben mit schöner Textur im Hintergrund
- mit 2 Glitzersteinchen
- trackbar auf
- eigenes Icon auf Zodiac Compass Geocoin Icon+

Der Zodiac Compass Geocoin vereint die chinesischen und die westlichen Tierkreiszeichen in einer schönen Kompassrose mit edlen transparenten Farben und als Besonderheit 2 tollen Glassteinchen.
Die Vorderseite stellt die westlichen Sternzeichen dar: Widder, Stier, Zwillinge, Krebs, Löwe, Jungfrau, Waage, Skorpion, Schütze, Steinbock, Wassermann, Fische
Auf der Rückseite sind die chinesischen Tierkreiszeichen abgebildet: Ratte, Büffel, Tier, Hase, Drachen, Schlange, Pferd, Schaf, Affe, Hahn, Hund, Schwein.

- size: app. 50 mm (2 inches) diameter, 3 mm thickness
- nice transparent colors with awesome textures in the background
- with 2 glass stones
- trackable at
- own Icon at Zodiac Compass Geocoin Icon

The Zodiac Compass Geocoin combines the Western and the chinese zodiac in an awesome compass rose with nice transparent colors and 2 special glass stones.
The frontside shows the western signs of the zodiac: aries, taurus, gemini, cancer, leo, virgo, libra, scorpio, sagittarius, capricorn, aquarius, pisces.
On the backside you can find the chinese zodiac: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, pig.

Black Nickel XLE 75
Black Nickel XLE 75

Poliertes Gold XLE 75
Polished Gold XLE 75

Poliertes Silber XLE 75
Polished Silver XLE 75

Antik Kupfer XLE 75
Antique Copper XLE 75

Antik Gold RE
Antique Gold RE

Antik Silber RE
Antique Silver RE