Freitag, 20. Dezember 2013

Butterfly Cacher Geocoub


Butterflies flutter in the nature and give the world a little color.
These butterfly Geocoins are made to give extra attention to this beautiful animals, because the habitats are getting smaller every year. More and more species of butterflies become
endangered animals.

The tekst on the geocoin is "I fly from cache to cache, always seeking for treasures....".

In batch 1, there are 23 different versios made, batch 2, there were 21 different versions made.
This is the 3rd batch, with 10 different versions.
From the LE-versies are 30 pcs made
From the XLE-versies are 20 pcs made

This geocoin is 35 x 45 mm and has its own prefix: BC

Trackable at with its own icon.Butterfly Cacher


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