Freitag, 29. November 2013

Signal the Frog - Geschenk / Gift Geocoin


Signal the Frog - Geschenk / Gift Geocoin

Geocaching LEGO ™ trackable


Größe: ca 43 mm (original LEGO™ Figur)
- Material: Kunststoff (LEGO™)
- trackbar auf

Eine original LEGO™ Figur. Aufgedruckt wurde auf den Brustbereich das original Logo. Auf der Rückseite befindet sich die aufgedruckte Trackingnummer. Ein unbedingtes "Muss" für Groß und Klein. Für alle LEGO™ Fans unter der Geocachern. Kauf dir deinen LEGO Geocacher.
- size: app 43mm
- material: plastic
- trackable at

It's a LEGO™ guy! He features a green shirt that has the Geocaching HQ logo on the front, and a tracking code on the back. That is right, he is trackable!

Dimensions: Approximately 1.75 inches tall x 1 inch wide
LEGO™ Figur
LEGO™ Figure

LEGO™ Schlüsselanhänger
LEGO™ key pendant

Geocaching Pendular XXL Geocoin


Größe: 3 Zoll (ca. 76 mm); 5 mm Dicke (EXTRA GROSS)
- tolle transparente Farben
- inkl. edles Metallpendel
- inkl. Copy Tag mit identischem Trackingcode
- trackbar auf
- eigenes Icon auf Geocaching Pendel XXL Geocoin Icon 32 Pixel

Ein ganz besonderer Geocoin: Der Geocaching Pendel Geocoin inkl. hochwertigem Metallpendel
Dieser Geocoin nimmt dir die Entscheidung ab, welchen Geocache du als nächstes angehst. Lass einfach das Pendel entscheiden.
Der große Pendel Geocoin (ca. 76 mm) wird in einer tollen Geschenkbox mit einem edlen Metallpendel geliefert. Außerdem befindet sich im Lieferumfang ein Copy Tag mit identischem Trackingcode, den du von Cache zu Cache reisen lassen kannst.
Super auch als Geschenk geeignet.
- size: 3 inches (app. 76 mm); 5 mm thickness (EXTRA LARGE)
- great transparent colors
- incl. nice metal pendular
- incl. Copy Tag with identical tracking code
- trackable at
- own Icon at Geocaching Pendel XXL Geocoin Icon 32 Pixel

A very special Geocoin: The Geocaching Pendular Geocoin incl. nice metal pendular.
This Geocoin helps you to decide which Geocache to go next. Let the pendular decide. The very large Geocaching Pendular Geocoin (76 mm) will be delivered in an awesome gift box with nice metal pendular. You will also find a copy tag with same tracking code in the box, so that you have a tag that can travel from Cache to Cache.
A perfect gift for friends and family!
Lieferung in edler Geschenkbox inkl. Metallpendel & Copy Tag
Delivery in nice gift box incl. metal pendular & copy Tag
Geocaching pendel Verpackung

Geocaching Pendel

inkl. Copy Tag mit identischer Trackingcode
incl. Copy Tag with identical tracking code

Geocaching Pendular Copy Tag
Antik Silber RE
Antique Silver RE

Antik Gold RE
Antique Gold RE

Black Nickel LE 100
Black Nickel LE 100

Antik Kupfer LE 100
Antique Copper LE 100

Pol. Gold LE 100
Pol. Gold LE 100

Pol. Silber LE 100
Pol. Silver LE 100

Donnerstag, 28. November 2013

Funky Gecko Geocoin


Here is our new colorful geocoin. It comes in four color/metal variants, the
black nickel version has glow-in-dark eyes and legs. It also has a small
hole, so the geocoin can be used as a trackable pendant.

Order you gecko geocoin soon, so it can be delivered before Xmas. Available
through our geocoin shop -

Why gecko? It is cute and interesting animal. But also because gecko - or
lizard - is used as geocaching symbol among Czech geocachers.


Dienstag, 26. November 2013

11/12/13 - Multi Event Geocoin

- Größe: ca. 44 mm (1,75 Zoll) Durchmesser; 4 mm Dicke
- transparente Farbe
- Präfix: EV
- trackbar auf
- eigenes Icon auf

Ein ganz besonderer Geocoin zu einem besonderen Datum. Dieses Jahr feiern wir das Datum 11.12.13. An diesem Datum gibt es wieder besonders viele Geocaching Events. Der 11.12.13 Geocoin hat eine Größe von 1.75 Zoll und ist 4 mm Dick. Er trägt das Motto "Explore The Earth With The Help Of The Stars".
- size: app. 44 mm (1.75 inches) diameter; 4 mm thickness
- transparent color
- prefix: EV
- trackable at
- own Icon at

This year we celebrating the date 11.12.13. A lot of Geocaching events will be at this day. The slogan of these geocoin "Exploring The Earth With The Help Of The Stars". The geocoin has a size of 1.75 inches and a thickness of 4 mm. It's filled with transparent color.
Black Nickel LE 100
Black Nickel LE 100

Poliertes Gold LE 100
Polished Gold LE 100

Antik Silber LE 100
Antique Silver LE 100

Antik Gold RE
Antique Gold RE

Poliertes Silber RE
Polished Silver RE


Donnerstag, 21. November 2013

Compass Rose 2013



Mesoamerican Compass Rose Geocoin® 2013 - Set of all 5 coins including the LE version

IMPORTANT: Preorders only for this coin. Read the preorder agreement page to ensure you are ordering correctly or your order may get cancelled.

NOTE: Delays may occur from shipping the 2013 Compass Rose Geocoin® because of the engraving option. This option greatly increases the labor time. If you file a PayPal or credit card complaint because of this delay, your order will be cancelled and you WILL NOT be allowed to order again!

We can custom engrave your name, geonick, or personal message on these coins. See below for more information.

The 2013 Compass Rose Geocoin® is based on the Mesoamerican map of the world discovered in the Codex Fejéváry-Mayer.

Created prior to 1519 AD, the year when Spanish Conquistadors started arriving in Central America, this map includes a central section that relates to where home is. Extending out from the center are the cardinal directions with representations of life within them. Included in these representations are temples, altars, dots to mark the 260 day calendar (20 named days counted thirteen times), and gods:

  • Xipe-Totec - The Flayed One presiding over the East, which is the most sacred direction (god of gold, vegetation, and seasons)
  • Huitzilopochtli - The Hummingbird presiding over the South (god of war and sacrifice)
  • Quetzalcoatl - Flying Serpent presiding over the West (god of wind, light, and justice)
  • Tezcatlipoca - Smoking Mirror presiding over the North (god of earth, deceit, and night)
  • Ehecatl - One of the creator gods (god of all cardinal directions and wind)

The Design:
The Mesoamerican people were a very artistic and intelligent culture who had an eye for detail and accuracy. The Aztecs, Mayans, and other Mesoamericans honored their gods with beautiful and intricate drawings, costumes, and carvings. In their cultures, art was largely a form of religious expression, and it was through art and ceremonies that the Mesoamericans showed their gratitude and paid tribute to their deities. In the design of the 2013Compass Rose Geocoin, we have not only captured exquisite pieces of Mesoamerican art, but small pieces of their culture as well. Five of their important gods are brilliantly featured.
This coin is designed to display an overview of a lot of historical information, but not to be an exact duplication. While we could not fit all aspects of the original compass rose and map into such a small area, we did provide as many aspects as we could, with some modifications, to make the design work overall for what it is intended to represent.
The front consists of the five gods (listed above) as the cardinal directions and Earth. Each is placed in the positions that they represent. Dots are used in the ordinal directions to symbolize the 260 day calendar. The hatch mark designs in the center of the ordinal directions represent the plants that were staples in the Mesoamerican culture. The backside is focused on the outer ring of the Aztec calendar. We included a Swarovski gemstone set in the middle surrounded by a compass rose and a raised metal area. The blank metal area reflects the vast amount of lost Mesoamerican cities and cultures that are buried under the thick jungles of Mexico which are yet to be discovered - geographical areas that are still untouched from discovery (hidden gems so to speak).

Custom Engraving:
The design of this coin offers the ability to add your own custom engraved text. In the box above, fill in what you want engraved on this coin to truly make it your own, or to provide it as a personalized gift to a friend or loved one. We can engrave up to 27 characters including spaces. See the additional images section of this page to view examples.

Coin Versions:
There are five versions made, each named after a Mesoamerican god. Here is the listing of the coin names and their differences:

  • Xipe-Totec - Polished gold finish with polished nickel 3-D-images.
  • Huitzilopochtli - LE edition, black nickel finish with polished nickel 3-D images.
  • Quetzalcoatl - Polished nickel finish with polished gold 3-D images.
  • Tezcatlipoca - Antique bronze finish
  • Ehecatl - Antique silver finish

Xipe-Totec - Shē-pay-TŌ-tek
Huitzilopochtli - Wēt-sĒ-lō-PŌK-tlĒ
Quetzalcoatl - kayt-sahl-KŌ-ahtl
Tezcatlipoca - təs-kaht-lē-Pō-ka
Ehecatl - ə'-HAY-kah-tl


  • Each coin measures 2 inches (50.8mm) in diameter.
  • Features hard enamel and translucent colors.
  • Detailed 3-D images on the front side
  • Custom engraving available on each coin.
  • Trackable on
  • An icon specific to this coin will show in your profile when you log a discovery.

Compass Rose Geocoin® is a registered trademark of Aaron Charles Promotions LLC, all rights reserved.