Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2013

DNA Geocoin

DNA Geocoin - Cytosine - Copper

DNA Geocoin - Guanine - Antique Silver

DNA Geocoin - Royal Blood LE

DNA Geocoin - Thymine - Polished Silver

If present, traits such as perseverance, puzzle solving, curiosity, obstinacy, and a predilection for technological devices are usually dominant. These may manifest as a desire to examine surroundings in minute detail (moving rocks and logs; lifting lampskirts; poking into hedgerows), a sudden urge to plunge through thickets and thorns without regard to personal comfort (or thought of searching for a nearby path), and a desire to surround oneself with GPS enabled devices at all times.
In short, Geocaching is in our Genes! This beautiful new design from our friends at Pale Horse Design in Canada says it all.
Size: 45mm in diameter
Trackable at with its own icon:

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