Sonntag, 9. Dezember 2012

Jack Squat Geocoin - Antique Gold

Jack Squat Geocoin
Jack Squat Geocoin

Anyone who says Geocachers don’t have a sense of humor has never seen the Jack Squat Geocoin! This unique geocoin is a fun play on words in the event someone finds it in a cache. In large bold print, the coin states, “You’ve found... Jack Squat”. On the bottom perimeter of the coin face are the words, “Nothing, Nada, Nil, Zero, Zip, Zilch”. Celebrate those (hopefully not too numerous) DNF’s by releasing this coin for other cachers to share in your previous misadventures.

This smaller Jack Squat geocoin is 1” diameter x 2 mm thick, and easily able to fit into many smaller caches. So go ahead - have some fun and laugh off those DNF’s!

This geocoin is fully trackable at Activation codes are located on our activation codes page.

Other Details

Size: 1"

Thickness: 2mm

Finish: Antique Gold

Features: 3D Detailing

Custom Icon: Yes




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