Montag, 15. Oktober 2012

Cottage Garden



Quick Overview

Cottage Garden celebrates those informal pockets of traditional plants selected for a riot of color, fragrance, sentimental value, & ease of maintenance. Brimming with flowers, herbs, & fruit to refresh & delight the senses, a cottage garden is an intimate retreat that welcomes visitors to explore its secrets, or to simply sit & relax with a glass of lemonade. The front of the coin presents three charming springtime favorites: pansies, forget-me-nots, & bleeding hearts. Look closely--this garden has attracted a visitor!

The back is a compass rose design featuring a watchful Green Man, spirit of the vegetative world. Branches sprout from his face, representing the seasonal cycle of life, death, & regeneration. 

Additional Information

Plating Gold, Black Nickel, Antique Silver, Antique Bronze
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