Montag, 25. Juni 2012

__Khan Geocoin

RE edition Antique bronze, Khan - ChángChéng
RE edition Antique silver, Khan - Helan
(75 coins) edition Antique copper, Khan - Jin
(75 coins) edition Satin gold, Khan - Chwarizm
(30 coins) edition Antique gold, Khan - Xia
(30 coins) edition Polished gold, Khan - YanJing

On the front, you can see the chinese dragon, the symbol of the great Chinese empire (Great Yuan Empire).
In the background you can see a stamp with a mandate to mobilise soldiers by the Mongols lead by Djengiz Khan.
The back has the shape of a Mongol shield with two typical Mongol swords.
Horizontal it says Taizu or Founder of the dynasty which arose after the split-up of the great Mongol empire.
Vertical it says Great Khan, referring to the Khan rulers of which descendants fulfilled crucial positions in several governements till recenently.

Size: 50 mm in diameter and is 5 mm thick.

The Khan Geocoin is trackable at and has its own icon.
Khan Geocoin

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