Freitag, 30. März 2012

__Gator got my Cache

After finding my first Geocoin I discovered the Geocoin forum and was swept into a world of colours and designs. Having studied graphic design in college I was fascinated with the different styles and ideas. And the more I saw, the more I wanted to make my own. I started to sketch out a few ideas and was focusing on a design that comes from my family heritage (more about that one to come) but it just wasn't coming together right, so I put it to one side. I had just read something about various animals people had encountered while geocaching and it got me thinking about which ones would actually be a danger to the cache rather than the cacher. There were already quite a few geocoins with woodland creatures and bears, etc I had to think of something different. My son was watching TV and at that moment Captain Hook was being chased by the crocodile and click the idea stuck. Others have used crocodiles on geocoins but I wanted it to be fun, which is why I drew him in a cartoon style with a very confused look on his face not sure what he has just bitten. I hope you like it and enjoy my first Geocoin.

Additional Information

Plating Silver, Gold, Black Nickel
Track at Yes

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