Donnerstag, 3. November 2011

__Johannes Vermeer Geocoin

1 x antique silver, blauw RE
1 x
antique bronze, rood, RE
1 x
antique silver, LE
1 x
antique bronze, LE
1 x
antique copper, XLE
1 x two-tone, XLE

On 31 October 1632, Johannes Vermeer was babtized in the "nieuwe kerk" in Delft, the Netherlands. He became one of the most famous Dutch painters from the golden age.
Together with a Geocacher, this beautiful Geocoin has been developed.

The portret on the back is based on the painting: Girl with the pearl earring, which he made between 1665-1667. At this moment, the painting is in the "Mauritshuis" in the Hague, the Netherlands.

The coin is 44 mm and 3 mm thick.

Trackable at with its own icon.

The geocoin is
available in the following versions:
XLE two-tone antique nickel 3D with gold, blue (30 pieces made)
XLE antique copper (30 pieces made)
LE antique bronze and antique silver (50 pieces made of each)
RE Antique bronze with red and antiqe silver with blue

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