Samstag, 1. Oktober 2011

__Dutch 2011 Geocoin

This year's winning design depicts the legendary 'Flying Dutchman' and her captain Willem van der Decken. The coin was designed by cacher Goudhaartje. It will be trackable at and have it's own unique icon.

Willem van der Decken was a successful captain of the United East India Company. His ship 'The Dutchman' was the fastest of the VOC. He enjoyed his wealth. But appearances are deceptive. His success was fueled by greed... and blood. Van der Decken was a privateer captain who plundered coastal villages and captured ships. He was not afraid to kill in order to increase his wealth. But his greed and pride would cost him dearly.

Art Nouveau Summer

He found himself harboured in Cape Town with the wind against him. For days he was stuck there, furious that anything -- even the weather -- would dare defy him. Finally on Easter Sunday Captain Willem van der Decken -- against all tradition -- sailed with his crew from Cape Town. A raging storm could not stop him, nor a fearful and despairing crew. "I will sail, storm or no storm, Easter or no Easter. I will sail, if even unto eternity!"

His ship turned into a mysterious, fiery ghost ship that was doomed forever to sail the seven seas as "The Flying Dutchman"...
Size: 50mm x 4mm
Finishes: Antique Bronze, Foggy Nickel/Antique Gold

The presale period will run from October 3rd to October 17th.

To help cut down on the shipping costs we will be shipping from both Canada and the Netherlands. For each order, whichever service offers the best rate, that is what we will use.

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