Donnerstag, 1. September 2011

__Iraqi Freedom Geocoin - polished gold

The Iraqi Freedom geocoin is a commemoration to all military and civilians who have participated in this tough campaign and sacrificed so much. The front of the coin features a 3-D image of a Lamassu statue located in Iraq. The Lamassu was used during the Assyrian Empire (who ruled much of the area now know as Iraq and areas of other surrounding countries) and represented a protective spirit to ward off evil and fight chaos. They were used at the entrances to cities, and their faces usually looked toward one of the cardinal directions. It symbolizes the intellectual human, lion courage, and eagle freedom. The front of the coin also has the colors used on the military service medal. The back shows the country of Iraq with the colors of the flag inlaid to its shape.

The history of freedom has repeated itself many times on our planet, and the price of freedom has never come without its hardships and sacrifices. May the Lamassu on this coin continue to ward off evil and fight chaos. This coin can be added to your collection of our other military coins, used as a challenge coin, given as a gift, or sent on its travels around the world from geocache to geocache.

* 1.75" diameter
* 3-D design on front
* Hard enamel colors
* Trackable on
* Has its own icon that shows on your profile when you log a find or discovery.

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