Mittwoch, 18. Mai 2011

__Turntable Geocoin Antik Silber

Turntable Geocoin Antik Silber

- 1,5 Zoll Durchmesser (ca 38 mm); 3 mm Dicke

- trackable auf mit eigenem Icon: Turntable Geocoin Icon 32 Pixel Turntable Geocoin Icon 16 Pixel

- Rückseite mit 3D Illustration

Dies ist ein Personal Geocoin von Geocachern aus Großbritannien, deren Hobby neben dem Geocaching vor allem die Musik ist. Ein schöner Coin für alle Musikfreunde.

Beschreibung der Ersteller:
The coin is for my fiancé whose favourite hobby - coming just before geocaching! - is mixing and scratching on his record decks. He has been playing for years, in nightclubs, friend's homes and more recently in his home studio live on his internet radio station. He particularly loves drum and bass music and rather than just "playing records", mixes and scratches records together to create new sounds, hence "the art of turntablism".

The back of the coin shows our newest family members, our chickens MayDay and MoneyPenny, who must be the funniest chickens in history. When they are not racing round the garden chasing off cats or hunting for slugs, they often pop into the kitchen from the back garden to see what they're missing out on! They have even been known to venture as far as the lounge, when Neil is playing his drum and bass records. I had been looking for geocoins that showed any type of poultry in an attempt to have a coin with a "connection" that we would like to purchase but found nothing out there.

I thought the coin with its turntable would appeal to players and listeners alike and the chickens on the back with their headphones would amuse creature lovers too!

My fiancé, geocacher "Turnster", and I enjoy going out in the local countryside with several other friends who enjoy geocaching and we have spent many a rainy afternoon (this is England after all!) searching for caches. Between us we have placed quite a few too (I am yet to do this) and we go caching whenever we go on holiday in England too. We are looking forward to doing our first international caching this September when we go to Portugal. I also do "urban caching" hunting for caches around my place of work in central London.

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