Donnerstag, 17. März 2011

__Enduring Love Geocoin

The Enduring Love Geocoins are in and they look great!

Here are the coin details:

1.5” x 3mm coins
3D front and back
Imitation hard enamel on front
Trackable with Icon

There are 3 versions of this coin.

1. Soft Gold
2. Antique Silver
3. Antique Bronze

The front of the coin is an artist rendition of a tattoo that I have. I actually got the idea for the tattoo from a friend of mine that had a similar tattoo that I always liked. The tattoo that I have is encircled by vines very similar to the ones that are shown on the front of the coin. In the tattoo, the couple in the middle of the vines represents my wife and me. The symbolism of the vines and the couple represent the fact that no matter what we have to deal with in life our love will help us through it. In my tattoo, there are 5 oak leaves that hang from the bottom of the heart. Each of the oak leaves has the name of 1 of my children. As time goes on, from each of the oak leave will hang oak leaves for my grandchildren. All of this forming a family tree that also will symbolize the fact that families formed with love can forever remain matter what - an enduring love.

For the back of the coin, I chose a compass rose design. During the age of exploration, a common standard of horizontal lines being drawn to represent compass headings came into being. The four main points of these drawings displayed the orientation of cardinal directions (North, South, East, and West). The next four points represented NE, SE, SW, and NW, and so on. The name for these drawings became compass rose because the points on the drawings were similar to the points of the flower.

The traditional compass rose had 32 points, but in the middle ages, this changed to 16 points because it was widely believed that many sailors did not understand how to read the previous design of 32 points. Compass roses can have as little as 4 points, representing the cardinal directions, but the more points in the compass rose the more accurate the reading is.

The front of the coin is meant as inspiration to us all to remember the importance of loving your fellow man and the fact that enduring love lasts forever – no matter what!

The compass rose was chosen for the back of the coin to pay homage to the history of navigation, to remember how far it has come, and to dream about the possibilities of the future.

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