Montag, 13. Dezember 2010

__Welsh Lovespoon

The traditional lovespoon originated in Wales where they were given by a lover to his sweetheart as a token of his affection. They were hand carved from a single piece of wood and designs varied from rustic simplicity to very intricate. Hearts (for love) and celtic knot (everlasting) designs were common themes.

This our first lovespoon coin depicts two interlocked hearts as part of a Celtic knot, presented in polished metal set off by a coloured enamel background. The reverse has a Welsh dragon, the national emblem of Wales as seen on the National flag.

There will be a regular unlimited edition in nickel plus limited editions of 100 in each of polished gold, polished chrome and polished copper. At first we will produce 50 of each LE , it is envisaged that the next 50 of each will feature a different enamel colour.

Size: 2inches x 0.5 inches

Thickness: 3.5mm


Regular unlimited edition in polished nickel

100 x Polished Gold

100 x Polished Chrome

100 x Polished Copper

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