Freitag, 3. Dezember 2010

__Geocoin - 2010 Christmas Stocking Grab Bag

Description:2010 Christmas Stocking Grab Bag

This is the 2010 Holiday Stocking Grab Bag. This Stocking includes 4 Trackable Geocoins, 1 Geopin plus one t-shirt at a *minimum*. They may include other Geoswag items as well!
Please make sure to put your size for the T-Shirt in the comments field otherwise we will ship a Large. Sizes M - XXXL

You are unable to purchase these limited edition stockings anywhere else. Once they run out, we will not be making more of the Custom Geocaching Stockings. Each Stocking has '2009' and the word 'Geocacher' embroidered.

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