Freitag, 19. November 2010

__Troy Geocoin - Antique Gold/Orange LE

Troy Geocoin - Antique Brass/Red - reservation

This is only a reservation of the actual coin.
You will get an email once the coins have arrived with the opportunity to buy it.

If you just want to reserve the coin (and no other products), please use the payment option 'pre-pay by bank transfer', to make sure no payment method is started.

The price of this LE (75 pieces) version will be € 10,95

Size : 50 x 47 mm, 5 mm thick

Trackable at with its own icon.

The Trojan horse: a very clever idea which helped the greek to conquer Troy. A wonderful hiding place which very well could fit in the Geocaching world.

On the front of the coin, the image of the godes Aphrodite, Hera en Athena who triggered the war and Achillas with the Trojan horse , who ended it.
In the modern Greek language, you still find a saying which was initiated during the Trojan war: 'fear the Greek even if they bring presents'. You find this hidden on the frontside of the coin.

The backside of the coin is based on the shield of Achillas, in a curved form with all zodiacs as described in the works of Homerus. In the middle, you find Achilles on his battle wagon.

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