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__ Somerset Geocoin - ant silver

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This coin design is brought to you by a fellow geocacher, Stephen. He conceived this coin after being relatively new to Geocaching and becoming fascinated with Geocoins. When he realized there had never been a coin produced for the county of Somerset in the UK, he decided to create one as it is a place he loves and has lived and grew up in.

Somerset is a county found in the South West of England, and together with Devon, Cornwall, and Dorset make up what is known as the "West Country" Which is mainly rural area famous for its cider and agriculture. Somerset is the home of (the majority of) Exmoor national park and Cheddar gorge (located near the village of Cheddar which gives its name to the famous cheese). It is also a hotbed of Geocaching in the UK.

The coin came about from some original ideas and some that were brought together from a collection of people from or who love the Somerset/West Country area.

On the front side of the coin you can see the Somerset Dragon holding a mace, The county symbol of Somerset which also appears on the adopted flag of the county (There is no official flag) The colored enamels are also in the county colors. Around the edge the coin reads "All the People of Somerset" which is the county motto and on the bottom "Sumorsaete Ealle" which is the same but in its Anglo-Saxon form as it is more commonly seen.

The reverse side features a 3-d relief of St. Michaels Tower on Glastonbury Tor, which is possibly the most famous and well known landmark in Somerset and a very popular location for walkers, ramblers, cachers, and families to go. The Glastonbury area is well known for the world famous Glastonbury Music festival.

The text reads "Welcome to the West Country" as Somerset is the main gateway to the area of England known as the West Country and is more often than not the first county that people think of when asked about the West Country. The bottom text reads "Where's it to?" which is a famous Somerset colloquialism for "Where is it?" (for anyone outside of the UK or not familiar with the Somerset/West Country accent it could probably be most likened to what is commonly referred to as "Pirate")

  • Measures 1.75" diameter
  • 3-D design
  • Hard enamel colors
  • Trackable on
  • An icon unique to this coin will show on your profile when you log a discovery

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