Sonntag, 14. November 2010

__Jules Verne - Journey to the center of the earth

Jules Verne - Journey to the center of the earth

A tribute to Jules Vernes book "journey to the center of the earth".

This beautiful geocoin was designed by T. Steel Jones and is shaped like a book (3,5cm high and 5cm wide). Complete with a front cover, a spine and a back cover. The Geocaching theme is depicted in this fabulous geocoin.

The front of the Geocoin shows the intrepid explorers making their way through dangerous paths on their way to the center of the Earth. Danger lurks everywhere including giant snakes guarding Geocaching Treasure! The back of the Geocoin has the explorers rafting a thrilling underground river, with monster lizards poised to strike at our brave explorers! Will they survive the waterfall?!

On the front of the coin on the bottom there are mysterious etched symbols . Can you figure out what it says? No hints will be given, but you will smile when you figure it out!

Very detailed coin with 12 colors on the front and 14 colors on the back.

Size: 3,5 cm high and 5cm wide (3,5mm thick)

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