Sonntag, 14. November 2010

__Jules Verne - 20.000 leagues under the sea

Jules Verne - 20.000 leagues under the sea

A tribute to Jules Vernes book "20.000 leagues under the sea".

This beautiful geocoin was designed by T. Steel Jones and is shaped like a book (5cm high and 3,5cm wide). Complete with a front cover, a spine and a back cover. The Geocaching theme is depicted in this fabulous geocoin.

The front of the coin has the Nemo's mysterious submarine Nautilus, with divers searching a sunken ship for buried Geoaching treasure! The back of the coin has Captain Nemo fighting a giant squid in an epic battle!

Very detailed coin with 14 colors on the front and 12 colors on the back.

Size: 5 cm high and 3,5cm wide (3,5mm thick)

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