Dienstag, 30. November 2010


Name: Heartbeat
Metall: Gold, Silver, Antique copper, Black Nickel + Red
Enamel: Imitation Soft Enamel
Size: 1.75" * 1.25" * 3 mm + loop
Trackable: Yes @ geocaching.com
Custom prefix: "SE"
Item: SG06
Veight: 16 gr
Coin flip: Yes, PVC with two pockets
Design: Nenne_ codesign MotoCycleBoi; color/plating combos by Nenne_ and MotoCycleBoi. 3D both sides.
Icon: Yes, unique:

For all the beating Hearts out there
For all the Joy of living
For all the Heartache
For all the Tears of the Heart
For all the Sorrow for those we lost
We bring you our new design: Heartbeat.

Part of the profit will go to the Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation.

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