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__Compass Rose Geocoin 2010 - Terceira

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The 2010 Compass Rose Geocoin® continues in the tradition of celebrating the spirit of discovery and maritime navigation. This year¹s Compass Rose Geocoin features the historic and legendary islands of the Azores: an amazing archipelago of lush islands in the mid-Atlantic, each with its own individual character and charm. This volcanic chain of islands has a rich history as an essential and strategic waypoint in the travels of explorers, pioneers, and pirates alike. Legends also tell of an even deeper history that suggests these islands might very well be the remnants of a once powerful ocean empire...the lost continent of Atlantis! From myth to metal, is proud to present the 2010 Compass Rose Geocoin in five stunning color combinations, each as varied as the islands themselves.

  • Santa Maria: The first island discovered, stumbled upon by a Portuguese explorer in the year 1427.
  • Pico: Known as "The Black Island" for its black volcanic earth, Pico boasts the highest mountain in Portugal, which is indeed an active volcano.
  • Terciera: The third island discovered is also the third largest in the archipelago. It is known as "The Lilac Island" for the distinctive coloring of its sunsets.
  • Corvo: The "Island of the Crow" is the smallest and most remote of the Azores. It boasts the impressive Caldeirao, a volcanic crater over two miles wide.
  • Flores: Named for its abundance of wild flowers, the waters of this western most island were once controlled by pirates!
  • Limited edition versions not included in the public sale: The Graciosa version made in black nickel with light colors, and the YemonYime version made with prominently green colors and bronze finish.

The compass rose design is based on a 1595AD chart of Angra (located on the island of Terceira) by Huygen van Linschoten. A sparkling gemstone is set in the center of the compass rose.

  • Measures 2" diameter
  • 3-D images
  • Translucent and solid colors
  • Trackable on
  • An icon unique to this coin will show on your profile when you log a discovery

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