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__Center wheel for pocket decoder WEQ

Center wiel voor de pocket decoder WEQ

This Pig Pen and Morse Code Center Wheel contains the full set of Pig Pen characters around the outside of the wheel. The Morse Code symbols for the 26 letters of the alphabet are on the inner part of the wheel. Align the red section of the inner wheel with the Letter A on the outside wheel for standard usage.


There are different styles of creating the Pig Pen characters. The style we use is the one with 2 tic tac toes followed by 2 large X's as illustrated below. The second tic tac toe and the second large X have dots to distinguish them from the first sets.

If you align the red section of the center wheel with the letter A on the outer wheel then you will have a straight pig pen decoder. Using either the chart above or your pocket decoder, see if you can figure out the following code:


It is important to remember that the morse code symbols are alway read from the center of the wheel outward. The letter A is , G is , L is , Q is , W is and Z is . Care must be taken when reading from the left side of the wheel to make sure that you don't read the morse code symbol backwards. ALWAYS start from the center of the wheel and read outward.

When you have a long message in morse code, it can be more convenient to use the chart below to convert to the alphabet. The chart is arranged so that dashes are to the left and dots are to the right. For example, if you have this symbol then from the top of the chart go left and down to the T then go right and down to the N then go left and down to the K and then go left and down to the Y. With a little practice you may find this a faster way to decipher a long morse code message.

See if you can figure out what this says:

The above examples were all simple ones were the red section of the center wheel aligned with the letter A on the outside wheel. But for real fun and added security you can align the red section with different letters to make a Caeser Cipher or an even more secure Vigenere Cipher.

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