Samstag, 23. Oktober 2010

__Nightcaching Australia Geocoin

Nightcaching Australia Geocoin

Finally! After 42 days, a lot of designing and over 30 emails later I received a package of geocoins this week. Here comes the Nightcaching Australia geocoin in four finishes:
  • Apple (60 coins)
  • Orange (20 coins)
  • Girls Glitter (10 coins)
  • Girls Glow (10 coins)

All coins have a unique icon on
Icon on

For the tech-specs: The coins have a diametre of 4,45 cm, are 3 mm thick and have a epoxy coating. For the rest I don't feel like typing up a fancy release text :o) Just have a look at the pics and decide for yourself, if you want one.

The first activated coin of this series can be found here.

Price & Ordering
Martina decided to sell both of the Girls Editions for 50 AUD. For every sold Girls Edition 10 AUD will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Why? Because the coins are pink and everybody loves ... globes :o) and shipping is included as well. Price including shipping to Germany is 37 EUR - that includes the donation as well.

The Apple Edition is available for 20 AUD including shipping to Australia. International shipping is available upon request. Price including shipping to Germany is 22 EUR - any further coin (up to 5) is additional 14 EUR.

The Orange Edition won't be sold. Sorry, that'll be a gift for guys who place good nightcaches (like in orange >> owner)

Payment is available via Paypal or wire transfer to either an Australian or German account. Of course there is also the option of picking them up from Elwood or meeting me at an event if you don't trust banks, me or auspost *gg* Interested? Then send me a mail via my geocaching account or pingchat me (username is "derfuzzel").


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