Montag, 6. September 2010

__Night & Day 2010

Maybe you all remember the small minting of Nature's Night & Day geocoin
from more than a year ago? Well I've had a handful of people asking for a
reminting opportunity so I decided to open up a presale for a couple weeks.

The original minting had a total of less than 300 coins minted in 6 finishes
so this is a good opportunity for you all to collect some less common scavok
coins :)

These are different from my normal designs in that they are incredibly
colored. There are 11 different enamels used and the effect is striking when
you see them in hand!

You can view photos of the coin at:

The presale page is at:

Oh, and there are also 2 new metal finishes available now :)

Thanks everyone, I hope everyone in the States is having a great holiday
weekend, and everyone else a happy Monday :)


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