Donnerstag, 9. September 2010

__Natalia geocoin

The Art Nouveau is one of the last universal international art styles, which managed to impress its artistic rules to each expression and things of the modern life. After it had appeared in different names in different countries, it created trends and lifestyle at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. The centre of Art Nouveau is not a “high” art, painting and sculpture, but a decoration and an applied art.

Ornamentation, flatness and a taste in unusual colours and aesthetical use of varied materials are considered to be the main signs of the Art Nouveau. A pliable Art Nouveau ornament expresses an unusual quality of an Art Nouveau feeling, which shuns emotional divergences or a strong strain of will and it gravitates towards balanced whimsicality. The Art Nouveau line is a continuous wavy curve, which causes an impression of nonviolent motion in surface and which monotony is brought into a line with colourfulness. The Art Nouveau looks for unusual colour tones and ties them together by a principle of harmony and contrast. A stylization is a seclusion sign. The Art Nouveau tries to overcome a gravid theme of historical style and it turns directly to natural shapes (leaves, blossoms, human and animal body).

If you like the Art Nouveau style, you can look forward to a series of minimum five geocoins. The second upcoming geocoin will be named Art Nouveau – Kristyn.

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