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__ Henry Morgan Geocoin - Corsair legends serie

Henry Morgan is a real buccaneer historic legend. He lived in the 17th century and he was one of the most popular corsairs and pirates. The Central America, Caribbean and the South America belonged to Spaniards and Brasilia belonged to Portugueses in this century. France and especially England the European powers of that time also attempted on their colonies. Europe sent its corsairs into the new world more often so they could assault and rob Spanish boats and colonies for their monarchs. Sir Henry Morgan belonged to famous corsairs and pirates. He was born in South Wales in 1635. He got to America in his 16, when he was abducted by sailors to their sailing ship. He was hired into crews of pirate sailing ships and slowly and secretly he gathered his crowd of naval corsairs.

They were mostly escaped black slaves, French, Italian, English pirates and corsairs. In addition to that he got an official concession of corsair from the English king. Henry Morgan´s horde and his shipping began to be a real threat for Spanish sailing ships and he was slowly becoming the most redoubtable threat for the whole Caribbean. The capture of Spanish citadel Panama was his greatest action. They struggled through impenetrable primeval forests in Panama for many weeks. Even though they were absolutely exhausted and enfeebled, they managed to capture the citadel. After that Morgan liquidated Spanish ships and colonies for another several years but then England concluded peace with Spain. Morgan´s pirates were killed and executed. He himself got a pardon and he was dubbed knight provided that he will become a governor of Jamaica and he will start a war against his former buddies-corsairs, which happened. Thanks to him a lot of pirates and corsairs ended on scaffold in the lap of executor. Captain Henry Morgan died peacefully in 1688. Some other English corsairs blustered in Caribbean. For example Francis Drake, whose legend we will remind on another geocoin from the series Corsairs Legends.

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