Montag, 30. August 2010

__TapTap Geckomeleon Geocoin Set

TapTap Geckomeleon Geocoin Set
Brand New - Unregistered

Completely Unique and Modern Design by Zelanzy at (completely sold out from day 1)

Exclusive to in the UK!

Includes the 3 Regular Edition Geocoins (Purple, Green, and Glow in the Dark)

This fantastic geocoin would make an amazing addition to any geocoin collection! With the Gechomeleon on one side and artistic trackable text on the other this is one very special must have coin for any collection. Have a look at the detailed images to get a real feel for the quality of this coin and some of the original design process!

At launch the coin was available in 3 Regular Editions (Purple, Green, and Glow in the Dark), 1 Charity Edition (Pink), and 2 special limited edition coins (Artistic and Bling).

The coin is fully trackable on and has a unique serial number and tracking icon.

- Antique Silver Finish (Purple)
- Brass Finish (Green)
- Antique Copper (Glow in the Dark)
- 1.75" tall (app. 44 mm)
- 1.5" wide (app. 38 mm)
- 3 mm thickness
- Copper/Brass base metal
- Trackable with its own icon unique icon

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