Freitag, 20. August 2010

__Poison Hazardous

This is the 4th in the Hazardous geocoin series.

Please keep a eye out for more hazardous geocoin.

I still have some Radiation, Biohazard and explosive geocoins in this series as well.

Black Nickel 100 minted, More may be minted

Nickel, More may be minted

Size 1.0

Thickness 2.0 mm

Coated with Epoxy.

Custom icon will be added soon

These coins have Glowing Enamel paint only.

7.00 per coin

US shipping 2.50 for the first and 1.00 each after all other shipping is 3.50 and 2.00 each after. Please make a note upon ordering US or NON US

Please send me a email at and i will send your pay pal request.

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