Samstag, 28. August 2010

__Luck of the Find Geocoin

This coin set contains one antique bronze two-tone coin and one antique silver two-tone coin.

This coin is for presale only. You must click on the check box to agree to the presale terms or your order will be canceled. Click here to read the terms: Presale terms

This coin is brought to you by the geocacher CTYankee9 who took advantage of our presale program. This could be your lucky geocoin. Here is his why he wanted to make it:

I introduced a friend to Geocaching, who happened to be a "Hobo Nickel" carver. As a gift he, with another carver, made one of these Hobo Nickels based on my love of things Irish and Leprechauns and gave the coin to me. The carvers' handles that they use in their community are Owen Covert and Stephen D. Cox. Owen is the friend of mine and Stephen is his friend, the two of them jointly worked on the original coin, each doing part of the design. These are not their real names, but are much like Geocaching names they use in their community of carvers. You can view more info about them and these nickels at: The Original Hobo Nickel Society. As far as a "Hobo Nickel", back during the days of the Great Depression in the Unites States, those that were considered "Hobos" would take a regular Buffalo Nickel, carve an image onto one or both sides and then get a little more money based on their artwork carved on the nickel. In this manner the Nickel would be worth more than 5 cents. As for the backside, it is just a basic compass rose with the flag of Northern Ireland (unofficial, as Northern Ireland is no longer a separate country, but part of Great Britain now) imposed over it. My family is from there (Carrickfergus, County Antrim, Northern Ireland) and it is just something about my heritage.

Picture of the original coin:

  • Measures 1.75" diameter
  • Detailed 3-D images on front side
  • Hard enamel colors on backside
  • Two-tone finish
  • Trackable on
  • An icon unique to this coin will show on your profile when you log a discovery

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