Montag, 30. August 2010

__4x4 Caching Adventure - Mountain Mardi Gras

The coin was made for an event in Colorado. The event is a 4x4 adventure during the day followed by a catered dinner. The coin is just beautiful with three 3D dies. YES that is correct all the side are made with 3D dies. The hubcaps and lugnuts almost look like they could be removed the the size of the coin makes you think you are holding a tire. Just a few left over after the event for get them quickly. By the way watch for next years event, different theme same great fun!!!

  • Size: 45mm or 1.75"
  • Thickness: 5.0mm (THICK)
  • Editions: LE - Antique Gold (given out to volunteers that make the day happen - 20 made) RE - Antique Silver (only 100 made)
  • Designer(s): Jackalgirl, Mike Atwell, and Joe Friday
  • Trackable:

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