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_Lotus Geocoin - "Meh" Edition

Jackalgirl says:

Well, well, well. I've got to add another chapter to the annals of "Trials & Tribulations of Coin Design, Quarterly".

So I get this box, right? Awesome! They're here! So excited! Then I open it up. URRRRRR??!??!?

Feast Your Eyes

I don't blame Direct Mint; I know that Pete & the Gang sent my blueprints. And although I understand that there was some confusion (the mint themselves made several versions to test out options), even with that in mind, I'd only expect (say) them to mistakenly fill the back with trans #10 (since that was one of the options). But to fill the whole back with trans #10 and no other colors, and the whole front with wipe with no other enamels, when my blueprint is pretty clear about the blues & greens and glitters that go in there? Oy!

Well, Pete, being the gracious guy and extremely good business person that he is, is having the coins remade. And he's giving me these pieces of...coin. So, in the interests of collectibility and, I suppose, a very dark (wiped?) sense of humor, I'm going to sell these directly.

Those of you interested in Egyptian Mythology are probably familiar with the Ogdoad of Hermopolis, eight deities that were worshipped during the Old Kingdom but were eventually supplanted by the later, more familiar gods. One of these was "Heh", whose hieroglyphic name still survives as the symbol representing the number "one million" (so Heh is often known as "god of a million years").

So, with all of this in mind, I am calling this edition the "Meh Edition", in honor of Meh, "the God of Mediocre Work Ethics", also known as "the God of a Million Workers with Inconsistent Quality Control" and the most favorite Old Kingdom epithet of all: "the God of 'Bob Told Me to Use Wipe--No Time to Look at the Blueprint, it's Almost Lunch!'". These coins will be fully trackable on and share the Lotus Compass' unique icon.

This was meant to be the Anubis Artist's Edition, but the mint really messed up on it. No colors, no glitters, just transparent #10 (not asked for) all over one side, and black wipe (asked for, but just in the background) all over the other! Yes, it surely is work inspired by Meh, the God of Indifferent Quality Control!

There are only 36 of these coins, total (34 being made available) and they will NEVER be reminted, so they are almost assuredly XLE. If you're a die-hard collector, or if you just have a really weird sense of humor, this edition is for you! The coins will come with numbered slips. If you would like a number, make sure you add a note to your order letting me know at a minimum your top three choices for numbers (1 and 2 are already taken). I will do my best to oblige you, but please bear in mind that if your numbers are already chosen, I'll be sending you a random number. If you have problems appending a note, just drop me an email ( and include your order number.

Sold out!
Sold out! Sold out! Sold out! Sold out!

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