Samstag, 17. Juli 2010

__Ancient Airplane . . . Set

Product Information

No one really knows what this was supposed to represent. Some suspected it represented an insect. Others think it represented some type of bird. The dreamers have wondered if it was a sign of ancient alien visitors or that perhaps man had figured out how to fly. We wonder if maybe it was some type of good luck charm. Maybe you will be the one to figure it out. We are not sure, but confess that on this one we are not in the dreamers category. However, when we spotted this design we did dream of making it into a geocoin. Each "coin" comes in an attractive gift box. Here is the link that inspired this coin.

Coin Stats - Set of two coins, one of each finish.
Size: 2.00 inches long
Finishes: Antique Gold / Antique Silver


Icon: Unique

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